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The week that was

It’s been quite a week here in the UK. Did you hear? We voted to leave the European Union.


The fall-out has been extraordinary. Around 80 Members of Parliament wrote to the Prime Minister and asked him to stay but he resigned anyway and then at least twelve million members of Parliament wrote to the Leader of the Opposition and asked him to resign but he said he was staying on regardless. To say we’re all feeling a little contrary is a massive understatement….

There have been several low points this week.

Low point number one

The day after the referendum more than a handful of people who had voted for us to leave the EU pointed out that they didn’t think them voting to leave the EU meant we would actually leave the EU.


WeeGee says: Words. Must. Surely. Fail. Us. All.

Low point number two

More than a handful more people said that the referendum wasn’t actually about the EU despite the fact that there was only one VERY EXPLICIT QUESTION ABOUT THE EU on the ballot paper.

ballot 2

WeeGee says: if there are only two options on a ballot paper there is NO SUCH THING as a protest vote. Pass that little nugget on, whenever you can.

Low point number three

We all suddenly remembered that the dudes who had campaigned for us to leave the EU aren’t actually the dudes who are the boss of us. When it transpired that everything they had said to convince us to leave the EU was pie in the sky the best come back we had was, basically, ‘pants on fire’


WeeGee says: if someone ever tells you they’ll give you £350 million to spend on the things you hold dearest ask them if they actually have any say in what happens to the £350 million in question before making your mind up. As a follow up question, ask them if the £350 million exists. For real, like.

Low point number four

We all suddenly realised that nobody had asked if the dudes in charge had a plan, you know – just in case people said they wanted to leave the EU when they were EXPLICITLY ASKED IF THEY WANTED TO LEAVE THE EU.

So we asked them if they had a plan. They didn’t.

Then we asked if ANYBODY OUT THERE had a plan. Negative.

Shit creek

WeeGee says: Fuck.

Low point number five



WeeGee says: Racist haters gonna hate and they gonna miss the fucking point every single fucking time. Racist haters gonna realise no sensible fucker is listening to them soon enough. Surely?

Low point number six

Before the ink on the ballot papers* was even dry some of the people who didn’t want us to leave the EU signed a petition for a re-run of the vote because they didn’t like the result the turnout was less than 75% and the majority in favour of leave less than 60%.

The last time I could bring myself to look around four million people had signed up to support undermining of one of the central pillars of our legal system (and thusly our democracy) by introducing retrospective legislation to get their own way. That doesn’t sound like a dangerous precedent at all, does it?

Bad idea

WeeGee says: democracy schemocracy. Still anything is worth a try so I signed a petition demanding the National Lottery do a redraw if my numbers don’t come up….. I’ll keep you posted.

*Please let’s just pretend the #usepens debacle never happened, eh?

Low point number seven

We went and got a bit bitter and twisted about it. In our defence, feelings were running high and we all really, really care but we probably didn’t ought to let that stand as an excuse. There was recrimination and blame and name-calling. And there were memes – so many memes. Let’s face it we all said things that neither we nor Winnie the Pooh really meant.


WeeGee says: the deed is done: we all voted and now we’re all together again in the same rickety handcart heading for hell….. 

Low point number eight

Then there was this smug twat:

smug twat

The day he turned up and the European Parliament, stuck a tiny plastic flag to his desk and went ‘nah, nah, nah-nah naaaaah’ will surely go down as one of the darkest days in this great nation’s history. Although, I guess he is, in part, quite right. NOBODY is laughing now. We’re all too busy sobbing quietly into our cornflakes.


WeeGee says: excuse me while I hit my head against the nearest brick wall again and again and again. And again.

And again.

Low point number nine

It became apparent that The Labour Party thought ‘The Thick of It’ was a blueprint for doing politics and we all settled down to revel in the spectacular shambles that was unfolding.

Then the Labour Party ACTUALLY imploded before our very eyes and we realised that this shit just isn’t funny anymore…

curly wurly

WeeGee says: excuse me while my palm meets my face for the whole rest of eternity.

Low point number ten

For the briefest of moments, it felt like all might not actually be lost because hey, we’re getting rid of SpamFace Cameron. Here, we thought, was our silver lining and so we did a tiny little cheer.

Step forward the contenders.

Fuck me. Two extreme right wingers, a dude who thinks gay people can be cured through the power of prayer, and a guy who might actually be Tony Blair in disguise. Did I say fuck me?

Right-minded liberal people across the land have realised that they might actually WANT Theresa May to be the next Prime Minister.


This is the strange, confused, miserable, cheerless, awful world we now live in. It sucks ass. Come back SpamFace, all is forgiven.

WeeGee says: stop the world. I’d like to get off.

Love you all lots, like Jelly Tots,

WeeGee xoxox

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Holy Swearword!

I had a bit of a ‘holy swearword moment’ this morning. I woke up*, got out of bed: morning Gryff, morning Sean** flipped the kettle on and headed for the shower. When I was in the shower I thought ‘ooooh I wonder what’s going to happen today?’ and started having a nice little daydream about all the things that might happen. Which is when I had my ‘holy swearword moment’…..

So you know I’ve spent the last five months of my blog going ‘boo hoo, woe is me, I hate myself and everything is pointless?’. Guess what’s happened now? I’ve only gone and worked out what the point is.

I don’t know what’s going to happen today AND THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. Things are going to happen – good things, bad things, weird things, funny things and all sorts of other things and WeeGee is going to be right there in the world finding out what things are going on.

How exciting is my holy swearword moment?

I was bursting to share that with you, but I’ll be back later to fill you in on the gossip.

Lots of love and a little bit of gratuitous swearing (but not out loud because Rhio doesn’t like it) from WeeGee xxx



*Early again which I LOVE

**Sean W Keavney of Six Music fame***

***Bet you thought I’d got a new man for a minute there didn’t you? Hey – I’m good at online dating but I’m not that good 😉


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A little note

The second most common search term on how do you eat an elephant? at the moment is this:

Where is my brain?

I kid you not…

From time to time I find myself having a bit of a worry about the person* who has lost their brain so I’ve written them a little note to say hello.

A little note to say hello

Dear Person who has lost their brain,


I’m truly sorry that you have lost your brain. My own brain has a habit of disappearing every so often so I know how you are feeling. Would you like a hug?

Here’s the thing though. I don’t know where your brain is. Believe me – I’m not the kind of responsible adult who is entrusted with the safekeeping of important things (like theatre tickets. Or brains).

I’m also a bit worried that you – a mixed up person in want of your brain – have found yourself wandering around how do you eat an elephant? Please be warned. It isn’t the best place for you; it’s full of nonsensical nonsense and nutty stuff and will surely do you no good.

Anyway so yeah, I don’t know where your brain is but I do hope you find it soon. By the way, have you looked in the fridge? It’s amazing what turns up in there.

Lots of love (and that hug if you want it)

WeeGee xxx

*Or persons – who knows how many brains are MIA on any given day?

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WeeGee McStrong

There’s a new award doing the rounds at the moment: The Strong Person Award.

This isn’t just any old award though, it’s an extra special one because a) it was created by the very fair hands of the Quiet Borderline* and b) its creation is a beautiful and generous gesture of encouragement and support.

Anyway, three of my fellow bloggers have very kindly put me forward for this award: The Quiet Borderline, Angel Fractured and Bourbon and I have decided to tentatively accept the award. I say tentatively because I’m going to have to break the rules a little bit…. All will become clear!

The Strong Person Award

‘You heard me right! You are not weak, you are strong. You are not a failure, you are a fighter! This goes out to all mentalists. And it’s a gift from me (The Quiet Borderline) to you all – Please spread the love. Mental health is not something to be sneered at and it deserves much more respect. Stop the stigmatising’.

The rules of the award are:

1. Make sure to add in the text and image to spread the love and add how little or how much you want!


Done (see above!)

2. Name your diagnoses – Stand loud and proud! You can tell us a little about them also if you’d like. How you’re affected by these diagnoses and how you are fighting your way out of them.


Okay, so this is where I break the rules because I don’t talk about my ‘diagnosis’. It’s a personal decision that has nothing to do with stigma, or shame, or secrecy or any other bad thing beginning with ‘S’….

For a long time, even I didn’t know what my ‘official’ diagnosis was. I was worried that the ‘label’ would consume me and that I would use it to give myself permission to let the symptoms take the driving seat.

The thing about my psychiatric diagnosis is that it isn’t very important to me. It’s just a collection of words that describe the bit that is important to me: my symptoms. I suppose my take on it is that I’m not trying to fight a diagnosis, but the symptoms as they manifest themselves on a daily basis.

What I’m trying to say (I’m sorry, I’m not saying it well!) is that I am a person who has mental health problems which fit into a number of different boxes. It doesn’t matter which box I fit in to at any given time, what matters is that I am a person with difficulties who works incredibly hard to manage the symptoms of my broken brain.

Sometimes I get depressed; sometimes I hurt myself on purpose; sometimes I drink too much;  sometimes I don’t eat enough; sometimes I don’t understand the world and the people in it; sometimes I hide; sometimes I wish that I wasn’t alive.

But most of the time I’m just WeeGee trying to make sure than none of those things get the better of me.

I hope you don’t mind that I cheated a little bit….

3. Add a photo of yourself, or some abstract picture that represents you, anything you like!


There aren’t a lot of photos of me because I have remarkable skills when it comes to hiding from the camera. Wouldn’t you rather have a picture of Gryff? He’s a handsome little fella:

4. Send this on to as many, yes, as many, people that you like. It can be five, ten, fifty.


This is one of those awards that is going to do the rounds, and I’ve already lost track of who has received a nomination. What I’d like to do is pass this award on to each and every one of my readers. Every time I sit down to catch up with WordPress I am blown away by how incredible my blogging buddies are. It’s just so amazing that in spite of what goes on in our heads we still manage to do all the things we do – the jobs and families and blogs and adventures and ups and downs. Truly. Amazing.

So if you are reading this, and you’re mental like me I’d  like you to take heart. You are strong and amazing and I’d very much like you to accept this award from me. As the Quiet Borderline says ‘You are not weak, you are strong. You are not a failure, you are a fighter!’

Lots of love from WeeGee xx
PS – I’m sorry the spacing is all a bit weird. I tried to fix it for ages but my head got done in and I had to give up xx

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I heard a fly buzz

There is a fly buzzing around my flat at the moment. It’s driving me and my cat NUTS*. It’s driving Gryff nuts because a) he can’t catch the little bugger despite his best efforts and b) it’s far too hot for his best fly catching efforts today. It’s driving me nuts because a) it is a fly. Buzzing. In my flat and b) it keeps making me think of that Emily Dickenson Poem ‘I heard a fly buzz when I died which in turn is making me think ‘what if I am actually dead but don’t realise it’?

It’s a hotbed of mentalness round here today…..

I thought I was dead once. I stepped out in front of a double decker bus** and it hit me. People say that when they have those kind of near death experiences that ‘their entire life flashes before their eyes’. For my part, the only thing that flashed before my eyes was A DOUBLE DECKER BUS, and the only thought I had was ‘Shit – I’m about to be HIT BY A DOUBLE DECKER BUS’

Anyway, there was this tiny second where I knew I’d been hit by a bus but didn’t know if I was alive or dead. It was the strangest sensation – like not being.  It wasn’t a nice sensation but it wasn’t altogether unpleasant either… It didn’t last long because I was soon brought to my senses by a kindly gentleman who reassured me that I was ‘all in one piece’ and pressed a tissue to my head. I had no idea why he was pressing a tissue to my head until he swapped it for another one and I saw the blood. Then the ambulance came and I was all a bit boo hoo for a while. Then I went home all black and blue and ever so slightly confused.

Getting hit by a double decker bus was a pretty painful experience – the headache lasted for days and was like no other headache I’d ever experienced. It also left me with a slightly gammy eye. Still it wasn’t all bad because it gave me two stories to tell.

Story One: the near death experience story.

Story Two: All five feet and two inches of WeeGee, seven stones*** wet through if she’s lucky WAS HIT BY A DOUBLE DECKER BUS AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE.

Where was I? Oh yeah. There’s a fly buzzing around my flat and it’s driving me MENTAL….. Told you it was a hotbed of mentalness today. It’s going to be a long evening…..

Love from WeeGee and Gryff (demented within an inch of their lives by a buzzing fly) xxx


*No – I can’t swat the fly dead. Committing murder just because something is getting on your nerves is not socially acceptable.

**Accidentally (lest there be any doubt!)

***Ish – I don’t have a clue how much I weigh, wet through or otherwise.

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See this post?

See this post here? The one you’re reading at this very moment? Well it’s a special post because it’s post number ONE HUNDRED on How do you eat an elephant. What a momentous occasion……

To understand quite how momentous an occasion this is you have to know something about me: I’m rubbish at seeing things through. For a start the slightest little thing can defeat me and if I get defeated I give up completely. I also have a habit of just losing interest. Something can be the best thing ever one day and then completely forgotten the next. Finally, I’m just a bit rubbish when it comes to finishing things – I’ve got no staying power! Here’s an example. I’ve been knitting a cardigan (the same cardigan) since Christmas 2009. I’ve got a back and a side and a half so far. I expect to finish it in time for winter 2015. I hope it’s a cold one because it’s a super cosy cardigan.

But I digress. You don’t want to hear about my cosy cardigan.

I bet you’re wondering what I’m going to do with post ONE HUNDRED aren’t you?*

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

I’m going to accept this lovely award:

And then tell you about seven things that WeeGee loves.

The rules of the Seven things about me are thus:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Angel Fractured at the Mirth of Despair nominated me for this one a while back. Thank you Angel Fractured for a) the lovely nomination, b) the lovely comments you leave on my blog and c) your own lovely blog and other lovely blog.

Here are seven things that WeeGee loves

1. I love my cat

Gryff is the best cat in the world. That, by the way, is a simple matter of fact.

He’s an odd little fellow but that just makes me love him all the more. He’s frightened of so many weird and wonderful things that never a day goes by that I don’t find something else he’s afraid of. Today for example I discovered he’s afraid on me emptying the coins out of my purse.

Although he’s nervous he’s also a happy little soul – full of chit chat, and purrs and those funny little gremlin noises cats make when they’re interested in something. He’s a brave boy when it comes to hunting insects down and he has a special talent for getting himself stuck on top of the wardrobe moments before I need to leave the flat.

Gryff has been in my life for six years – which is to say he’s been there through thick and through thin. I honestly don’t know how I would have coped with the last year and a half if it hadn’t been for Gryff.

Here is Gryff looking grumpy because he has been disturbed from his slumber for an impromptu photo opportunity:

Here he is again wondering when the impromptu photo opportunity is going to end  and thinking I’m an idiot:

Finally, here he is in a variation of croissant cat position**:

Dear Gryff. I love you. From WeeGee xx

2. I love Monk

I don’t just love Monk – I’m obsessed with Monk – which is quite apt really. I’ve watched every single episode AT LEAST three times. That’s how obsessed I am.

I love Monk because I love the central character, Adrian Monk. I love that he is so sad and broken but also so kind and funny at the same time. I love the way that he almost gets to where he needs to be but then his brain gets in the way and he ends up back at square one.

Maybe Adrian Monk reminds me of myself? Maybe Monk just makes me laugh? Maybe I just love Monk for its own sake. Whichever it is – I love Monk.

3. I love my blogging buddies

Before WordPress came to WeeGee land, I was dubious about online friendships.

I’m not anymore.

I’ve ‘met’ a lot of people here in the World of Blog and (as we’ve already established) I’ve come to care about them all a great deal. Here’s the other thing though…. meeting people, and getting to know them, and forming relationships with them – even if it is online – has really helped me to prove something to myself.

My life is better for the people I’ve met on WordPress. I love all the courage and humour and strength that I find in the blogs I read. It almost makes me think that I don’t want to be normal because normal people have none of the awesomeness and wonderfulness that the mentals do.

At this point I want to give a special ‘shout out’ to my brain twin and fellow alien – Carrie at Hello Sailor. Who’d ever have thunk that there would be two of us eh? I reckon we could be a force to be reckoned with xx

4. I love balsamic vinegar

I don’t know when I ‘discovered’ balsamic vinegar, or what my taste buds did before that momentous day. All I can say is…. what is life without balsamic vinegar? It’s an amazing foodstuff. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Yum yum (for my tum)

Here, by the way, is the best balsamic that money can buy***:

5. I love the Olympics

Where do I start?!

I had no idea that I was going to love the Olympics being in London until the Olympics were in London and I can’t imagine a day coming along that is better than my day out at the Olympics, I really can’t. Ever. As long as I live. It was way too amazing for words…..

Fortuitously, I’ve been on annual leave for Olympic fortnight and I was going to write a post about all the fun I’ve had watching all kinds of weird, bizarre and wonderful sports – like rowing, and cycling, and pole vaulting, and the modern pentathalon, and HORSES. DANCING. TO MUSIC. But instead I’ve got two words for you:

Mo Farrah.

That is all.

6. I love Frank Turner

Okay, so I know I go on about this all the time, but I love Frank Turner. I truly do. Frank Turner’s music makes me feel like I belong even though I live in a world that I don’t belong in.

Frank Turner’s music has brought me through some pretty awful and dark days – it’s been like a faithful companion to me and has provided something solid to hold on to when everything else was turning into nothing.

I love Frank Turner. I love his music.

Here is Frank Turner doing some music:

7. I love this guy

This is Morgan Parra (the little French kicker) he’s quite handsome, no?

There you go then. Now you know seven things that I love and you have experienced my 100th post.

As for nominations – I thought I’d pass this one on to:

The Depressed Moose

Just a thought






If indeed they want it!

Hundreds and hundreds of love from WeeGee xx

*Okay, you’re probably not – it’s just me that’s a bit over excited isn’t it?!

**It took approximately one week’s worth of stalking him to get this photo!

***If you don’t have much money!

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Everybody has seen this right? If not… why not? The Moose is da man. Check out his book 🙂

The Depressed Moose

Seriously you guys have no idea how proud I am feeling this morning!




I am now a published author. It doesn’t matter that I’m a self published author what matters is that I started something AND finished it!

When you have depression being able to concentrate on anything is a big deal, let alone being able to get something finished but I have worked so hard the last few days and have a warm glow around me today!

The book is available on Amazon but you don’t need to have a kindle you can install the Kindle for pc app and read it from your desktop!

To all my friends who have supported me, new and old, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the people who are not supportive I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

I am so excited I am literally…

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Conclusive proof

I met up with Mr Hilarious for a cup of tea this morning (don’t worry – it gets better)

We had a cup of tea and some cake and he gave me belated birthday present which turned out to be a Celtic mood ring which I LOVE (okay maybe it doesn’t get that much better)

Why am I telling you this? Well – the Celtic mood ring has provided conclusive proof that I am indeed an alien from the planet odd. Every time I put the ring on it goes purple. So what I hear you ask?

Here’s the thing: there is no purple on the ‘this is what the colour means’ chart that came with the ring. There’s blue, and there’s dark blue and although you could argue that purple is sort of blue it isn’t really is it? Purple’s purple and that’s the colour I turn the ring. Every single time, all of the time.

Maybe the ring will lead me back to the mother ship. Here’s hoping…..

Lots of extra terrestrial love from WeeGee xx

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I don’t geddit

I had one of those long, meandering and slightly strange conversations that you can only really have with Mr Hilarious with Mr Hilarious last night. We started with sweaty backsides* and moved through ping-pong**, fish and chip shops***, Routemaster buses and Monk**** before arriving at the conclusion that WeeGee is probably an alien*****

So there’s this episode of Monk – Mr Monk and the UFO. It’s funny. You should watch it. There are aliens (kinda) and undertones that Mr Monk might actually be an alien because he is such an oddity of a human being. As you know, I’m a bit of an oddity of a human being too, which led Mr Hilarious to wonder if I might actually be an alien disguised as a human….. It made sense at the time, but I’m a little less convinced now.

Anyway – there are lots of things that I just don’t understand about being a human person. Feelings for example, or why people carry on being alive when there isn’t much of a point to it, or why they eat mushrooms . I seem to spend a lot of my time trying to work out how to understand things that I don’t understand and I’m telling you this because I am about to accept an award and tell you seven things that I don’t understand. I agree that I’ve gone about it in a rather convoluted way but hey ho, there you go. We got there in the end.

The award is the ‘Sisterhood of the world of bloggers’ Sounds a bit grand doesn’t it?

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the giver.
  2. Post seven things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to seven other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

So without further ado here is my acceptance…..

The very incredibly wonderful Sailor nominated me for this award. Do read her acceptance post – it’s very incredibly wonderful and hilarious and it has left me with a rather irritating ear worm. Thanking you muchly lovely Sailor (not for the earworm part though). I like that you nominated me for this one in particular because sometimes when I read your posts I wonder how you managed to get into my head and say everything that is in there. You’re a bit like a blogging sister to me – a super cool big sister with tattoos and everything. Ahhh. (Touching moment over. Sorry about that.)

Oh. I nearly forgot the logo. Ta da:

And here, for your reading enjoyment, are seven things that WeeGee doesn’t understand.

1. I don’t understand cricket. It’s not so much the rules that bother me although I don’t really understand them either. NO, the thing that I don’t get about cricket is the fact that you can play this game for days and days and days at a time and then still end up calling it a draw. How is that a game? I suggest that it is an exercise in futility and folly and vote we abolish it in favour of something more interesting (but not kicky ball. I understand kicky ball and I still think it’s stupid)

2. I don’t understand morning people. Why. Would. You. Get. Up. Earlier. Than. You. Have. To. Well – why??

3. I don’t understand time zones. Actually I’ll change that slightly. I don’t understand time in general. Time is something that you can’t spend too long thinking about unless you want your brain to explode which is why watching Dr Who is such a dangerous pastime in WeeGee land. I know that humans invented ‘time’, but I just don’t think we have the mental capacity to actually understand it, unless you are Brian Cox and even he probably doesn’t understand time, not really.

You’ll notice I didn’t really explain why I don’t understand time. That’s because I don’t want my brain to explode.  Especially not today when it’s being so well behaved.

4. I don’t understand feelings. Feelings are even more complicated than time. And that’s all I’m willing to say about that one.

5. I don’t understand Gryff. Gryff is my cat. He’s an odd little creature who is completely inexplicable most of the time. Why will he drink water from any vessel that isn’t a water dish? Why is he afraid of carrier bags? Why won’t he go into the kitchen when the mat isn’t there? Why does he love playing with dried spaghetti? How does he know I’ve got spaghetti even if I get it out of the packet silently? Why does he trust me and no-one else? These are just some of the mysteries of Gryff. I discover new ones almost every day.

6. I don’t understand my brain. Obvoiusly.

7. Finally, I don’t understand the weather at the moment. What’s going on? It’s all apocalyptic again. Seriously – it’s summer….. I think we might have broken the weather you know.

Okay so now I have to nominate some people. I’m assuming from the title of the award that it has to be female lady people… The people I’ve picked are people who, after reading their blogs, I have concluded are of the female persuasion. There’s an outside chance I’ve jumped to conclusions and got it horribly wrong. If I nominated you and you are in fact a male boy person instead of a female lady person: I am mortified. I hope no offence was caused!

Here are the brilliant blogs I would like to nominate (in no order whatsoever, well actually they are in an order, it’s a random one):

1. The Mirth of Despair

2. Make-up and Mirtazapine

3. Thoughlifebeaday

4. Nothinginmynoggin

5. AdverseUniverse

6. Minutiae

7. Crazy in the coconut

Lots of love from WeeGee xx

*Which wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds because we were talking about the cycle road race

**Which apparently you have to call table tennis not ping-pong

***We couldn’t think of one in Kingston which is remarkable really

****I can always turn a conversation to Monk

*****Don’t worry – I’m just getting the asterisks in early today

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Tagged by a moose

I’ve been tagged by Garry, the depressed moose…..

Here are my answers.

What is your proudest moment from your blogging career?

Do you know what? I’m just proud of my blog full-stop.

I started writing it when I was on the way back up after a pretty major crash and I’m still amazed that I’ve managed to keep it up.

Starting a blog about my journey is one of the best things I’ve ever done in terms of managing my mental health. It gives me something to focus on and helps me to challenge my thinking because instead of getting lost in it I have to work out how I’m going to write about it when I get home.

What is your proudest moment in your life?

Hmm. I think finishing my first degree. I was still in early days recovery from an eating disorder, and all things considered my brain really wasn’t well. At the beginning of my third year at University it all got too much and I tried to take my life. I didn’t succeed and I’m very proud that when I was strong enough, I took myself back to University and tried again and finished up with a rather respectable 2:1.

What is your biggest achievement?

I know it sounds daft, but getting to today is a pretty big achievement in my book. I’ve had some pretty dark times and it really is big news and a huge achievement that I made it this far.

What makes you feel happy when you’re down?

Sometimes, nothing helps – that’s the nature of the beast I suppose. When I get bleak like that I just have to hold on tight and wait for a different feeling to come along. The only good thing about feelings is that there is always another one on the way if you don’t like the one you’ve got.

If I’m just a bit sad as opposed to suicidal and bleak I crack open the Monk box sets. Rather aptly, I am obsessed with Monk and it never fails to make me smile*

Is there a particular song that makes you happy?

Loads probably, but sometimes even songs that make me happy end up making me sad because I think about listening to them when I was happy! If I have to pick just one I’ll go for this one:

Is there a film to make you happy?

Wow! I’m not sure there is. I’ve been racking my brains and all of my favourite films are sad! Could I pick a book instead? If so I’ll go with Jane Eyre because despite all the misery and heartache everything turns out okay in the end. Kinda.

If you’re happy and you know and you really want to show it do you clap your hands? Or what do you do?

If I’m happy and I know it and I really want to show it I laugh. Laughing is good for you and it’s nice to share it around if you can.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

Oh I’ve got loads. I love a good quote! How about this one: ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’?

Do you have a “happy place” where you like to go and hide from the world?

Apart from my bed which is the place I usually go to hide, I like to wander down by the River and empty my head a little.

If you was happy and I was sad how would you cheer me up?

You can’t always cheer people up. Sometimes you just have to be there for them whilst they wait for sad to pass. So if I was happy and you were sad, I’d head round to your gaff with a couple of tea bags, some lotto tickets and this:

And I’d keep you company till the sad had passed.

If happy was a person who would he look like in the real world?

Like this:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

Or perhaps even this (if it was a sentient being rather than a person):

Love from WeeGee xx

*Apart from Mr Monk and the kid, which never fails to make me cry!