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Everybody has seen this right? If not… why not? The Moose is da man. Check out his book 🙂

The Depressed Moose

Seriously you guys have no idea how proud I am feeling this morning!




I am now a published author. It doesn’t matter that I’m a self published author what matters is that I started something AND finished it!

When you have depression being able to concentrate on anything is a big deal, let alone being able to get something finished but I have worked so hard the last few days and have a warm glow around me today!

The book is available on Amazon but you don’t need to have a kindle you can install the Kindle for pc app and read it from your desktop!

To all my friends who have supported me, new and old, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the people who are not supportive I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

I am so excited I am literally…

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