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I heard a fly buzz

There is a fly buzzing around my flat at the moment. It’s driving me and my cat NUTS*. It’s driving Gryff nuts because a) he can’t catch the little bugger despite his best efforts and b) it’s far too hot for his best fly catching efforts today. It’s driving me nuts because a) it is a fly. Buzzing. In my flat and b) it keeps making me think of that Emily Dickenson Poem ‘I heard a fly buzz when I died which in turn is making me think ‘what if I am actually dead but don’t realise it’?

It’s a hotbed of mentalness round here today…..

I thought I was dead once. I stepped out in front of a double decker bus** and it hit me. People say that when they have those kind of near death experiences that ‘their entire life flashes before their eyes’. For my part, the only thing that flashed before my eyes was A DOUBLE DECKER BUS, and the only thought I had was ‘Shit – I’m about to be HIT BY A DOUBLE DECKER BUS’

Anyway, there was this tiny second where I knew I’d been hit by a bus but didn’t know if I was alive or dead. It was the strangest sensation – like not being.  It wasn’t a nice sensation but it wasn’t altogether unpleasant either… It didn’t last long because I was soon brought to my senses by a kindly gentleman who reassured me that I was ‘all in one piece’ and pressed a tissue to my head. I had no idea why he was pressing a tissue to my head until he swapped it for another one and I saw the blood. Then the ambulance came and I was all a bit boo hoo for a while. Then I went home all black and blue and ever so slightly confused.

Getting hit by a double decker bus was a pretty painful experience – the headache lasted for days and was like no other headache I’d ever experienced. It also left me with a slightly gammy eye. Still it wasn’t all bad because it gave me two stories to tell.

Story One: the near death experience story.

Story Two: All five feet and two inches of WeeGee, seven stones*** wet through if she’s lucky WAS HIT BY A DOUBLE DECKER BUS AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE.

Where was I? Oh yeah. There’s a fly buzzing around my flat and it’s driving me MENTAL….. Told you it was a hotbed of mentalness today. It’s going to be a long evening…..

Love from WeeGee and Gryff (demented within an inch of their lives by a buzzing fly) xxx


*No – I can’t swat the fly dead. Committing murder just because something is getting on your nerves is not socially acceptable.

**Accidentally (lest there be any doubt!)

***Ish – I don’t have a clue how much I weigh, wet through or otherwise.


13 thoughts on “I heard a fly buzz

  1. WeeGee vs a double decker bus: WeeGee wins….. you must be made of iron physically!!! p.s. you can borrow my dog if you like. He’s been chasing flies all afternoon xx

    1. My dad loves the story – I may be all small and vulnerable but I’m definitely made of sterner stuff! Did your dog catch any? Gryff was rubbish!

      1. Well when they get close enough to catch he just stares at them lol. He snaps at them until they are actually close enough to lick and then plays the “who’s going to blink first” game :p

  2. If anyone was as sane as sane could be, a buzzing fly buzzing around you as if it is laughing in your face because for the life of you , he knows that for the life of you he won’t be caught, could drive someone mental

      1. I know, that is why I think they are evil. It is really like they are purposefully picking on you when they come around.If I get one in the house, I go and get an old towel and I swing and swing at it until I smash it’s brains out. They can’t manuver away from a big towel like they can an arm or fly swat.

  3. ha! we had two flies, one got fed to our venus fly trap and i don’t know where the other went too or it would be there too! a plant has got to eat you know! doggie couldn’t catch it!
    i can hardly believe you not only got hit by a bus but survived it! i’m so glad you did!!

    1. …. A venus flytrap: now there’s a thought 😉

      I’m glad I survived it too. It was amazing really because I pretty much got up and walked away from it (after the hospital visit that is!)

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