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A little note

The second most common search term on how do you eat an elephant? at the moment is this:

Where is my brain?

I kid you not…

From time to time I find myself having a bit of a worry about the person* who has lost their brain so I’ve written them a little note to say hello.

A little note to say hello

Dear Person who has lost their brain,


I’m truly sorry that you have lost your brain. My own brain has a habit of disappearing every so often so I know how you are feeling. Would you like a hug?

Here’s the thing though. I don’t know where your brain is. Believe me – I’m not the kind of responsible adult who is entrusted with the safekeeping of important things (like theatre tickets. Or brains).

I’m also a bit worried that you – a mixed up person in want of your brain – have found yourself wandering around how do you eat an elephant? Please be warned. It isn’t the best place for you; it’s full of nonsensical nonsense and nutty stuff and will surely do you no good.

Anyway so yeah, I don’t know where your brain is but I do hope you find it soon. By the way, have you looked in the fridge? It’s amazing what turns up in there.

Lots of love (and that hug if you want it)

WeeGee xxx

*Or persons – who knows how many brains are MIA on any given day?


12 thoughts on “A little note

  1. Haha that’s brilliant! One of my search terms was “my lecturer tried to sleep with me”… This is NOT something I have ever written about!! I hope the person who lost their brain finds your message! 😀

    1. So do I – poor soul. Imgine losing your brain and ending up here!! Search terms are amusing aren’t they? Although my favourite today wasn’t funny it was just nice: someone came here to find ‘lots of loveliness’ ahh 🙂

  2. WeeGee, you are amazing, I adore you, and you have completely made my Monday much brighter.

    Have I mentioned the weirdest search term my stats page logged? It was “tickling sensation in testicals while sleeping”.
    Now, I know you probably have not read every entry in my blog, but I can assure I do not mention testicles in the slightest. I have no idea why this person came to my blog with their inquiry.

    1. I haven’t read every entry on your blog, but ‘tickling sensations in the testicles’ is not the kind of thing I had you down as writing about…. 😀

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