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Conclusive proof

I met up with Mr Hilarious for a cup of tea this morning (don’t worry – it gets better)

We had a cup of tea and some cake and he gave me belated birthday present which turned out to be a Celtic mood ring which I LOVE (okay maybe it doesn’t get that much better)

Why am I telling you this? Well – the Celtic mood ring has provided conclusive proof that I am indeed an alien from the planet odd. Every time I put the ring on it goes purple. So what I hear you ask?

Here’s the thing: there is no purple on the ‘this is what the colour means’ chart that came with the ring. There’s blue, and there’s dark blue and although you could argue that purple is sort of blue it isn’t really is it? Purple’s purple and that’s the colour I turn the ring. Every single time, all of the time.

Maybe the ring will lead me back to the mother ship. Here’s hoping…..

Lots of extra terrestrial love from WeeGee xx


23 thoughts on “Conclusive proof

    1. I’m quite taken with mine even though I can’t even do that right! I had a tamagotchi for a while but it went and died and that was a bit much for me 😦


  1. Thanks for the chuckle! If these things could accurately predict mood, they’d be a hot gift item for men to give to their wives, LOL! Hee hee hee! Maybe we just came up with a new business! PMS rings anyone? 🙂

      1. LOL, love your sense of humor! Totally, think of all the marriages we could save, LOL! I did get my mood rings out to see what they’d say, one was totally black…wonder if that means I’m actually dead, and the other one turned indigo…and then purple!

        Greetings fellow alien! 🙂

  2. Okay – so I’m somewhere between violet and red/violet: Irked, moody and over the edge with a bit of despair thrown in for good measure. That sounds more like it!! xx

  3. I used to have a mood something (can’t remember exactly what). This made me laugh though. On my Iphone I have a stupid joke app where it scans your finger and tells you what mood you are in – it’s entertaining to do that because it just gets it so wrong you end up doubting whether you can judge your own feelings at all 😉 x

      1. Off the chart but right on the mentals chart 😉 and know that even last night when I was literally losing my mind I clung onto WP and read certain peoples posts though was unable to comment. It was a bit of familiarity and stability that helped me throughx

  4. Omg, I have a “mood necklace” in the shape of a butterfly that turns this vibrant purple color too! Maybe it’s a secret code for those of us with extra special mental stuff going on 😉

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