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I’ve really gone and done it now

I’m going through a bit of a phase at the moment – I keep doing things that I’ve been meaning to do for ages and then wondering why on earth I hadn’t done them before. I suppose the obvious answer is that if I had tried to do these things before I wouldn’t have been strong enough to see them through. Still, I’m enjoying rediscovering how easy it is to get back to yourself when you’re ready too. If I’m honest I’m a bit worried about what happens when I come off my medication – I can’t stay on it forever after all. Still, that isn’t going to happen for a long time which means it’s a worry for another day.

During my quiet night in last night* I took something of a leap of faith and decided to sign up for – wait for it – an online dating site. Yep. That’s me. On an online dating site. Oh my word! Gawd only knows what I’m trying to achieve – to be honest it doesn’t feel too bad so far although I found myself at a loss for words when someone asked if they could buy me a coffee**. Eeeek!

I suppose I felt like it was time for me to move on. I’ve been in mourning for Mr Friendly for more than two years now. For all that time I’ve kept the notion that one day he would work through whatever he is working through and decide that I was the one for him firmly in my heart. I guess it might happen one day – but equally it might not. In fact, if I weigh up the facts over the feelings it’s more likely not to happen than to happen.

So it’s over to the outside world. I’m under no illusions and to be honest if I meet the man of my dreams on the Interweb I’ll eat my hat or somefink. But you never know –  I might come across some interesting people and make a few friends along the way.

Eeeek! The WeeGee is on an online dating site. I’ve really gone and done it now……

Lots of love WeeGee xxx

*Which was so lovely I’ve decided to have another one tonight

**And not just because I don’t like coffee!


19 thoughts on “I’ve really gone and done it now

  1. Welcome to the world of online dating, WeeGee! 🙂

    Chatting to people is good (apparently…) and I’m all for doing that and gaining a certain amount of trust in someone before any suggestions of meeting in person (for me personally, it’s worked out for the best in the past, even though I’m STILL single, almost a year after starting!).

    Certain sites do have a bad reputation and you’d be advised to tread carefully on the free dating sites as you will find all sorts there.

    Best of luck to you and do keep us updated!! 😉

    1. Hey Brandon – I have to say I quite enjoy the chatting to people bit because a lot of the time people are interesting.

      I’ve only joined one site and its a paid one. I think that’s enough for me to getting on with.

      Thanks for the luck and will keep you all fully up to date with my adventures 🙂

  2. Good luck, I met my partner that way, it’s 6 years later now, another friend got married to hers two years ago. I just made sure I just used it to get to know people first so wouldn’t meet people for months. But still made friends thought it too.

    1. I know! I don’t know what’s got into me….. I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I’ll keep you all posted about my adventures in online dating 🙂 xxxx

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