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Crazy Kid

I had lentil soup for breakfast this morning. I didn’t really fancy any of the more usual breakfast items and I had lentil soup in the fridge. What can I say? That’s how much of a crazy kid I am…..

Over the weekend I’ve learned quite a few lessons about online dating. Here are just a few of them:

  • The internet dating world is a lot like the real world – most people are nice although there is a small proliferation of idiots
  • When someone offers to show you their rock polishing kit you should probably spot the potential for euphemism before you respond
  • When someone asks ‘do you like coffee’ they don’t actually want to know the long and boring story about how you gave up drinking it in 2010

Beyond that I can only really say positive things about my experience so far. I’ve spent my time chatting to some sweet and interesting people who I’d never have met in real life, which is really nice. It’s also rather good for one’s self esteem – what with people telling you’re pretty or attractive or even (get this) gorgeous! It perks you up a bit, even though you know they’re only saying it because that’s the kind of thing they have to say.

I do have a couple of small worries so far:

Small worry number one: I’m not entirely sure that my ‘how to spot a serial killer in a chat room’ radar is properly perfected. I mean – how do you ever really know?*

Small worry number two: That WeeGee thing of ‘getting all attached to people’ is already kicking in. I’m not attached in a scary clingy way; more in a I like you which means I’ll think about you from time to time and care about you and stuff. Much like how I feel about my blogging buddies I guess. Still – I need to be careful in the online dating world because not everyone cares as much as I do and sometimes my feelings get hurt.

The only other thing to say about my online dating experience so far is that not everybody gets my sense of humour. I KNOW! In all seriousness it is interesting to note that there are generally two kinds of people in the world: the earnest people and the flippant people. I definitely fall into the latter category and I’m not great at making conversation with people in the former.

Anyway – I’m determined to be ‘me’ which means I’m not going to be taking myself too seriously. So what if my profile is a bit light hearted? So what if I don’t have twenty ‘getting to know you questions’ lined up**? So what if not everybody ‘gets’ me? After all if somebody doesn’t get me we’re probably not going to have any fun and what’s the point in that?

So yeah. Online dating. Good for a giggle so far….

Meanwhile in other news it is now twenty days since I last had a noticeable attack of the mentals*** and I bought the wrong Pearl Drops toothpaste over the weekend. I’m telling you that because the toothpaste I inadvertently bought is bright pink. Pink! What kind of colour is that for toothpaste****? Nothing else to report today save that I am seriously considering going home and having breakfast cereal for lunch….. Told you I was a crazy kid today!

Ta ta for now

Love from WeeGeexxx



*I suppose the only conclusive proof would winding up dead in a ditch. Which seems a little extreme and deeply unfortunate

**I’d rather have a little ramble around our heads and see where we end up – you know: like how normal conversations work

***I’m not counting the day I was wearing squeaky shoes and it drove me MENTAL

****Unless you’re a small child


16 thoughts on “Crazy Kid

  1. I think I’m both earnest and flippant. It might sound odd, but it’s true. I can see things both ways, although I probably do veer more on the earnest side in how I express myself because I often can’t pull off sarcasm.

  2. I find I have to remind myself regularly that I am only looking for one person. Somebody, rather than anyone. When I feel low and, especially, when I send a message but don’t get a response, I can go in to a spree of messaging several women in a single night… It’s quite sad, I’ll admit. But, it only depletes my self-esteem as I STILL don’t heard back from any of them. 😛

    The beauty of online dating is that you’re already at a safe distance. So, if you are uncertain, you only have to stay where you are and remain safe. 🙂

    1. I agree completely about the safe distance thing. I’m not taking it too seriously. My approach is that I’m interesting in meeting ‘people’ generally and it’d be nice if something else followed, y’know?

  3. I have a “first date” tomorrow, and we’ve made a deal to not kidnap each other 🙂 If he breaks his word I’ll know he’s not trustworthy haha

  4. Well, don’t they say it is healthier to eat a big meal for breakfast and a small meal like cereal for dinner?? Not that lentil soup is a big meal mind you! I have been eating chicken soup. whoop. “rock polishing kit” really made me laugh. Shocking! Good on you for just being you. A lot of these people on dating sites I reckon be all ‘sexual’ because they think that is how people want them to be… it’s great when you come across someone who also has the strength to stand up against that. and finally, pink toothpaste? I want some! love to you xx

    1. …… I’m not fond of chicken soup myself 🙂

      I’m not taking it too seriously – my take is that people can be all sexy if really they want to but it’s slightly ridiculous and will only succeed in me laugh….

      And finally – Pink toothpaste = Pearl Drops True Beauty.

      Love back to you lovely xx

      PS – you know when I said ‘this one is a bit boost for me’? I meant boozy. I know is going to be too boozy because I couldn’t tell the difference between ‘boost’ and ‘boozy’ on the practice run 😀

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