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Quiet night in

Gryff hasn’t been over the moon about my recent adventures in having a social life so, after a busy week, I’ve decided it was about time I spent some time with him. I’ve been looking forward to it all day which is kinda strange because I’ve been more in the habit of dreading evenings where I don’t have anything to do* whereas now it just seems like a nice quiet night in with the cat…… Plus I’ve got about three million hours of soap operas to catch up with along with a further three squillion blogs to read so the time will be spent wisely.

It’s been an action packed week what with work – where I am now back to full time hours and loving it again – and me being all out and about doing stuff. I’m pretty exhausted to be honest and feel like I need some time to myself now. I guess that’s some more lessons: the diary doesn’t have to be completely full to ‘prove’ I’m okay and fancying a bit of time to yourself is fine because it’s entirely different from hiding.

I’m still not completely sure of the next step for How do you eat an elephant? I want to keep it up, but I’ve always thought about it as a blog about being mental. I suppose I could just write about the random stuff that goes in my head because at the end of the day it’s usually a bit mental  – it’s just not mental mental if you see what I mean? For now I suppose I’m just going to update on an as and when basis and see where that takes me. Taking things as they come eh? Go me! I have felt bad about being slightly absent here on WordPress for a while and I’m trying (in vain at the moment) to catch up keep up with my reading. I’m sure once I’m settled into my new routines I’ll get better although I do have to say that you lot are a fairly prolific bunch!

Nothing else to report today I’m afraid – I’ll fill you in on the details another time.

Hope you are doing okay

Love from WeeGee xxxx

*Which has been most of them of late


4 thoughts on “Quiet night in

  1. Nice for you to have a quiet night in though even if you’ve been enjoying your time out. It’s what keeps us looking for more, right? Glad things are going well for you.

    1. Absolutely. It feels like a rebalancing act at the moment if you see what I mean. But the main thing is I’m content for the time being. Which is really nice xx

  2. n’aww poor Gryff has been missing his mommy!! “prolific bunch” made me laugh. Not sure why. Probably because I’m v guilty…. I think it was a guilty laugh 😉 hope you enjoy your relaxing me time. How superb that time to yourself is not to be dreaded anymore =D love xox

    1. Haha – you are certainly up there in the prolific league table but that’s good – it keeps all your readers busy and out of trouble!

      Time to yourself being something you look forward to is a real novelty and Gryff was one happy chappy last night. Not only did he get huge cuddles he got salmon for dinner (that was the guilt!) xxx

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