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Would you like a hug?

I think there’ll be two posts from me today because I’ve got things to tell you about but I’ve also got an important announcement to make and I don’t want it all mixed up in one post because that wouldn’t be very tidy at all now would it?

I’ll go with the important announcement first.

Are you ready?

Pause for WeeGee to clear her throat in a ceremonious fashion…….

Sometime last week I achieved the impressive milestone of my 200th post on How do you eat an elephant? Not bad for a part time blogger who was completely MENTAL for the first seven months, eh?

An awful lot has happened since I first sat down to write last April. Granted, some of it has been pretty bad, but on reflection I can’t help but thinking that most of it has actually been pretty damn good. I’ve come an awful long way and – WEEGEE IS ABOUT TO BE A BIT SENTIMENTAL WARNING – I just wanted to say that I really don’t think I’d have got to where I am without the support of my WordPress friends. You really are an AWESOME bunch who I’m very, very lucky to have bumped in to. Thanks so very much, I love you all, and if anyone would like a hug they can definitely have a WeeGee shaped one today.

I promise not to come over all sentimental and unnecessary again until my 300th post or one year blogging anniversary (whichever comes first).

Catch you later, Love from WeeGee xoxoxoxox


27 thoughts on “Would you like a hug?

  1. It has been impressive (and entertaining) to hear about your progress, so well done. (PS as far as I know everyone needs hugs so thank you for mine – reciprocated.)

  2. I think my one year anniversary is late february/early march and oh I’m planning something for it 😀 I’ve already racked up 300 posts lol.
    Also, I feel the same, don’t think I ‘d have got this far without wordpress people and my blog, which started off as a diary because I used to hand write journals but had burnt my hand so badly cleaning I couldnt use a pen. So I blogged, and didnt expect anyone to read it, and they did and not only that helped me too!
    Hugs WeeGee. ❤ xx

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