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I’ll love you forever

Evening everybody.

Just a quick one from me tonight – I’m afraid I haven’t given it too much thought so it might be a little rough around the edges.

Today I have mostly been having a quiet day to myself: I took the day off work and focused on a) sorting my money out, b) sorting myself out and c) doing stuff that I like doing. I’ve pretty much achieved all three so I think today counts as a rare success.

To be honest I can’t decide whether I feel sad or hopeful today. Is it possible to feel both? I seem to have rediscovered the feeling that I’ll never really know how I feel – which means at worst I can be okay without ever really understanding why, or how I’m okay. Still – okay is okay and I guess I’ll have to take that.

Anyway all of that aside- I wondered if you might do me a little favour and head over to Youtube and ‘like’ this video:

I’ll love you forever if you do……

I leave you tonight with one of my all time favourite songs. It’s a lovely song. You should have a little listen:

Lots of love WeeGee xoxoxoxoxo


11 thoughts on “I’ll love you forever

  1. Magic!
    I liked it and posted it on my twitter.
    Hugs WeeGee.
    Yay for successful days.
    I have them occasionally in between days of no motivation, days of pfft, and days of procrastination. and days of, oh my attention span is similar to a gold fish, oh look new angry birds!

      1. You should have seen my face when they made Angry Birds Space.
        Oooh that rhymes.
        But yeah, I was all like SPACE OMG and all that hyper awesome (at the time) stuff.
        P.s he’s cute! (The Youtube video dude).

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