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Monday update

From time to time, there are things in my head that I know I will never mention anywhere, not even on my blog. Some of those things are swimming around in my head at the moment, so writing today’s instalment might prove a little more challenging than is usually the case……

I promised some of my readers a little bit of an update following yesterday’s meet-up with Mr Smiley. Well – I had a really rather lovely time and thinking about it now I’ve realised that it’s actually a very long time since I last had a lovely time. I quite like having a really rather lovely time by the way. Mr Smiley is ace: lovely and smiley and the kind of guy you are ALWAYS pleased to see* He’s also the kind of guy that brings someone he has never met a really thoughtful gift back from his holiday. Oh and he’s excellent at hugs – and everybody knows how much WeeGee loves hugs. I was a bit disappointed that I kept coming over all shy, but I don’t think it’s going to be a huge problem because Mr Smiley seems to be the kind of guy** who will be patient enough to wait for me to come out of my shell, and I know that I always do in the end. Anyhow – we’re meeting again on Wednesday evening, so I obviously didn’t scare him off completely…..

My mood today is so strange that I don’t actually know how to record it on the mood chart. On the one hand I’m happy and bouncy and absolutely fine and on the other hand my broken brain is going ‘Oi WeeGeee – I’m still here’ It’s broken brain that’s coming up with the stuff I will never mention, and it’s also throwing in the more usual peripheral nonsense for good measure. I’ve decided to ignore broken brain for today because I’m tired, it’s cold and rainy, and because things probably feel a bit heavier today on account of the fact that they didn’t feel heavy at all yesterday.

On a positive note, I decided that I needed to talk to my line manager about my workload. It was starting to get a bit out of hand and I’m determined not to get overwhelmed at work again, especially when other things in my life are going so well. We agreed that my workload was slightly ridiculous and then made a little plan to farm some of it out to the managers with lighter loads than me. The good news is that I’ve lost the boring network tender/procurement project*** and kept hold of my shiny SharePoint one. I also remembered to ‘shout up’ when the going got tough so I feel like I’m still managing to take care of myself and put my health before everything else.

Meanwhile in other news I had to stand outside in the rain for a whole hour for a fire drill at lunchtime which I did not enjoy because a) it was freezing cold b)I was in a meeting when the alarm sounded and none of my colleagues thought to bring my coat down for me**** and c) it meant that I didn’t get a lunch break until 3.30pm. Nothing else to report save that I am delighted that my alien brain twin Carrie from Hello Sailor has returned to the WordPress fold because I’ve missed her.

Lots of love and a small touch of the flat and empties, WeeGee xxxxxxx

PS I’m sorry the title is a bit lame but I couldn’t think of anything else!

*Unless he’d done something REALLY BAD but even then you probably wouldn’t stay angry for long

**He seems to be quite a lot of ‘kind of guys’

***Because it has NOTHING to do with my job anyway and I was only doing it as a favour

****If people are out of the office when the fire alarm goes off I ALWAYS remember to take their coats down. B******s


9 thoughts on “Monday update

  1. Maybe you have a bit of the flat and empties becasue you are coming of an adreline rush from the first date…that can happen! Good for you for looking after yourself first with work!
    smack someone for not bringing you your coat! 😉
    Have fun on your second date!
    lotsa love from buckwheat to WeeGee! xo

    1. I think you’re right. Sunday was all awesome and stuff so I’m not surprised there was a little dip. As for my colleagues – they were lucky not to get a poke in the eye 😀 Love back xoxoxox

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