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Panic on the streets of London*

You know that worrying thing I sometimes do? Well it started to edge towards sheer, blind panic this afternoon and in the end Mrs Sparkle had to say for [really bad swear word] sake’s WeeGee – I’m coming over to keep you company before you panic yourself to death or something  and in the meantime can you please not panic and cancel your date?

To be fair I haven’t been panicking all day – in fact I have spent most of the day feeling perfectly content being by myself keeping myself company. Which is nice. I had a little wander along the river to Kingston and enjoyed thinking how much nicer the river is when you’re not thinking about jumping into it. I also started to realise that I am becoming increasingly irritated by grown women wearing those stupid hats with ears and a face on them. I know it’s supposed to be sweet and endearing, but it isn’t. It looks slightly ridiculous**

I rambled quite happily around the shops in Kingston.*** The thing about both living and working in a place is that if you go out at the weekend you bump into loads of people you work with. Sometimes it’s a bit irritating, but today I had a FAB time saying hey to all the work people including ‘Mrs I’ve no idea what your name is or what you do but I’m going to say hey anyway because I vaguely recognise you from work’. It was the first time in a long time, perhaps even ever, that I thought to myself ‘well this is nice – I belong here’

The panicking started growing when I got back when I realised it was nearly Saturday night which meant it was nearly Sunday morning which meant I was nearly going to meet Mr Smiley IN THE REAL WORLD. I’d love to do one of my little lists of all the things I’ve been panicking about but there is simply not enough space in the blogosphere for that….

Anyway, Mrs sparkle is here now**** which is good because a) every time I panic she says ‘don’t panic’ b) she brought chocolate and c) she has volunteered to be in charge of making the tea. It is bad because she is a) FORCING me to watch X Factor***** b) insisting on reading out a load of POINTLESS horoscope compatibility things and c) not actually that good at making the tea.

Meanwhile in other news we still can’t make up our minds between the plain black dress, the one with flowers on it or the one with birds on it. Nothing else to report save that although I am a little panicky it’s actually quite a good panicky

Lots of panicky but not in a bad way love from WeeGee xxxxxx

PS – wish me luck

*I thought a Smiths song as a title would make up for the Elton John one I did earlier in the week. Am I all cool again?

**Of course, if you own such a hat it doesn’t look ridiculous on you. It’s just all the other people who look ridiculous

***Resisting the strong urge to sort people’s poppies out for them. How can you not know that a poppy goes on the left hand side with the leaf pointing to 11 o’clock? How can WeeGee resist so many OCD tendencies?

****It might sound rude to be blogging when I’ve got company, but in my defence Mrs Sparkle is currently using up my Internet to stalk people on Facebook and poke them and fling sheep at them and stuff. Or whatever it is the kids do on facebook nowadays

*****I’ve just watched four small boy children singing about fixing people and I’d quite like to puke now if it’s all the same to you


20 thoughts on “Panic on the streets of London*

  1. Weegee,
    I feel like Chronos experiencing life in reverse time from everyone else as I am reading from back to front.

    Yay on experiencing that sense of belonging and yay for Mrs. Sparkle coming to distract and defend against the panic. Quite important.

    I must confess, I wanted to inquire as to the whereabouts of your towel each time I read “Don’t Panic” then realized you may not be an aficionado of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and that it may be an off putting question. Then I decided to risk it anyway.

    Reading through has lifted my spirits and has caused facial muscles unaccustomed to movement to be exercised. Smiles, who knew?


    1. I’m so glad I raised a smile – I’m smiling a lot at the moment and it’s nice to spread it around xoxoxox

      PS – the towel comment went right over my head 😦

  2. See,,,I don’t agree,,I’m thinking the black dress,,,,get the formalities over,,don’t worry about what your wearing cause you can’t go bad in black,,,,then if things work out,,,whip out the sassy flower dress and let him see the pretty flower side of you!
    I say you have a pretty good friend that comes and encourages you, even tho she makes crappy tea and steals your internet,,she is there and means well. GO Friend!
    Good luck tomorrow and please post how it went, good or bad,,your cyber friends care too 🙂

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