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Moaning Minnie

Today it feels like the sky has fallen in. Sometimes that just happens doesn’t it? There you are, rumbling along quite nicely when Boom! It’s all dread, and regret and sadness and boo bloody hoo again.

There was only one thing that I wanted to do today and that was hide. I didn’t want to see anybody, or talk to anybody and I especially didn’t want to spend three hours of my afternoon meeting with 8 gigantic arseholes who were all a little too fond of the sound of their own voices.

Still – you don’t always get what you want. In fact, sometimes what you get is the exact opposite of what you wanted and the only thing you can do is suck it up.

What is it with people in meetings? I have a (very sensible) rule in meetings that goes something like this: If I don’t have anything to say I won’t actually say anything. As an additional rule if I agree with what someone says I simply say “I agree” instead of repackaging the exact same thing in my own arse-holey words. If everyone were to adopt these rules I would spend considerably less of my time in meetings. AND SO WOULD EVERYONE ELSE.

Whilst I’m on a little roll I’m going to have a moan about ‘pre-meetings’. That’s a meeting you have to discuss what you’re going to talk about at the meeting because apparently, that’s the best use of everybody’s time. Unbelievably there’s a new thing creeping in which is the ‘pre, pre-meeting’. This is where you discuss what you are going to talk about in the pre meeting so that you know what you are going to talk about in the meeting-before-the-meeting.

If we ever get to the stage of the pre, pre, pre-meeting I expect I shall jump out of a window (I’ll tie the ridiculous amount of meeting related paperwork cluttering up my desk to my ankles just to make sure)

I’m a little bit tired and a little bit grumpy today as well as a bit boo hoo. Can you tell?

Anyway. I’m home now so I should be able to fit in a good few hours of hiding. Which is nice. I’m supposed to be cooking some complicated Thai salmon/coconut thing but I’m not sure I’ve got the energy for something quite so adventurous. I might do my variation on Jamie Oliver’s Thirty Minute Meals instead. It doesn’t take as long as thirty minutes actually:

Toast bread/Heat Beans/Add Cheese. Done*.

Meanwhile in other news I’m trying to decide whether I want to watch Homeland online or wait until next week when it’s on in the UK anyway. Nothing else to report today save….. No. There really isn’t anything else to report today.

Lots of love from WeeGee



*I suppose it should’ve been ‘pukka’ what with ‘done’ being Gordon Ramsay’s catchphrase and all. But if I’d said pukka I would have had to poke myself in the eye and I’ve got enough face related injuries for the time being.


27 thoughts on “Moaning Minnie

  1. Yeah if you used pukka I would’ve had to hunt you down and poke you in the other eye.
    You should be a teeeeny bit greatful for meetings. Maybe not pre, pre meetings, but atleast meetings. We never have them because no one can be bothered to organise them. This is kind of bad when you work in a big ish practice. A lot of information is missed/regurgitated in someone elses arsehole words so the meaning is lost.
    I think everyone should just go fuck off and leave us alone to hide xox

    1. I don’t really mind meetings….. It’s the people in them I can’t stand 😛

      How’s the hiding coming along? I think I’m out of hiding again. xxxxx

      1. They were talking about after-parties on the tv today. It reminded me of pre-meetings, but I bet after-parties are way more fun.
        Hiding is kind of working, but I still feel like hiding more >_< there's just too much in my brain to cope with!! xoxox

  2. Are we all hiding? What is it with this time of year?
    Anyway, I like to pretend I am Gordon Ramsey, not because I hate Jamie Oliver so much I want to punch him in the face, but because it means I’m allowed to swear for the entirety of my cooking time without feeling guilty because Rhio doesn’t normally swear. T’is uncouth!
    “Then you get an Effing big piece of Effing fish, and you cut it’s head off… rawr”.
    It’s fun.
    Watch homeland on TV. I’m waiting for it too. I hate when I end up watching something before I’m supposed to because then I have nothing to watch after that.
    I used to watch Big Bang Theory early, but I don’t allow myself to do that anymore. It gives me something to look forward to every week if I haven’t seen it.
    I want beans and cheese on toast now.
    I hope you soon feel like getting out of hiding, until then, we could play internet hide and seek if you like to pass the time, but we just wont bother with the seeking part.
    Hugs lovely xxx

    1. I have to say I swear a lot…. I don’t really need an excuse! Oh and I hate Jamie Oliver sooooo much that every time I even hear his name I have to say ‘I effing hate Jamie Oliver OUTLOUD.

      I’ve taken your advice and I’m waiting for Homeland. I can’t wait.

      I had my Thai salmon job in the end – but I also want cheese and beans on toast right abou now.

      Hope you are okay lovely lady?

      Huge hus xx

  3. Sorry you’re having a hard time Wee Gee. Sounds like it was extremely hard having to go to all those doctors appointments yesterday (was it yesterday? now I’m second guessing that..). Hope you can go easy on yourself this week. Thinking of you and sending you hugs xxx

    1. Aww – I’m liking the hugs muchly. Yesterday was rotten stinking appointment day but it’s all over now.

      I’m doing my best to take care of myself. Hope you are too? Are you on your trip already?


      1. haven’t left yet. i’m currently in the midst of a packing flurry, since I’m being picked up at 4:30am tomorrow to head to the airport. and on top of it, i came down with a doozy of a cold and have to sneeze and blow my nose every three steps i take. times like these that i wish i had a personal assistant who could simply pack all my stuff for me!

  4. I once made beans on toast at school in a cooking lesson and, well, my teacher wasn’t very impressed by the fact I was finished a good half an hour before everyone else! I even went to the ‘effort’ of poking a straw through a Capri-Sun carton to drink!! 😀

    I like the addition of cheese though, wish I’d thought of that! 🙂

  5. You’re really very funny….I had a good laugh at your description of the meetings. I’m so glad those days are over in my life. I hated attended meetings. Why not have an after meeting meeting to discuss the meeting too. They do that here all the time…idiots. Enjoy your supper!

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