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Sore head


I thought it was probably time for a little update. So here’s a little update….

I injured myself quite badly on Saturday morning. There I was, sleeping away, when I decided to semi-wake-up and smack my head off the corner of my bedside table. It was quite gruesome actually – I left skin behind on the furniture and gave myself a nice shiny black eye. What tremendous fun I have.

Any way several hours and a few stitches later I went out for dinner. You know, as in ME in the OUTSIDE WORLD for dinner WITH FRIENDS AND STUFF. Even though I had an injury (and a pretty bad headache). Go me……

So that was yesterday. It didn’t go according to plan and I reckon I’ll be able to add yet another impressive scar to the existing bus related scar on my face. WeeGee: ScarFace…..*

Today I have mostly spent my time being a domestic goddess. I cleaned the flat until it sparkled, made roast onion soup, pickled some shallots, made a rather lovely malted chocolate cheesecake, and roasted some chicken with garlic and thyme. One of these days I’m going to make some lucky bugger a fantastic wife.

I’ve several white coat type appointments coming up tomorrow. I’ve got the GP and the psychiatrist and FINALLY the psychologist for a spot of CBT. I’m also getting my hair cut. Add up all of those appointments and you have a nightmare-anxiety-i’d-rather-die-kinda-day on the horizon. Big Boooo. Oh and boo hoo.

Meanwhile in other news I am completely over excited about the return of Dexter TONIGHT. Nothing else to report save that my head still hurts and I wish that tomorrow was over and done with.

Night night lovely folks, WeeGee xxxx




*But MUCH  prettier than that makes me sound





38 thoughts on “Sore head

  1. Ouch!! Hope your head is ok now!! Sounds like a productive day (cooking, cleaning etc!) I hope the appointments went well (I’m catching up on the few days I’ve missed so bare with me!) Ellie Hugs!! xx

        1. It is a bit stressful isn’t it. That’s why Dexter box sets are so good – you don’t have to stay hanging for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS. Roll on next Monday xxx

  2. WHAT DEXTER!! Sorry I’m shouting when you have a head ache. I hate not having proper TV or internet to watch stuff on 😦
    Onion soup. Bleugh. You weren’t in my brain that time :S xoxox

    1. I’m on Dexter Season 7 – first episode was fab, fab, fab….

      I suppose you would have preferred mushroom soup or something? Bleugh 😀


      1. Mmmm I could so eat a mushroom soup right now mmmmm
        Oh shit yeah! The last of season 6 was when Deborah……..!!!!!! Err meh gad, I have to go and buy a computer so I can download episodes xoxox

        1. Hell yeah – it’s good stuff. Get thee on the interweb as soon as. In the meantime I promise not to spoil anything apart from to say AMAZING.

          I bought mushroom soup by accident once (thinking it was chicken soup). I’m not exaggerating when I say it was probably the most disappointing thing that ever happened to me 😛

  3. Egads! I gasped when I read this, I’m so sorry that nasty table reached out and bit you while you were only trying to sleep! Furniture these days! Seriously, I hope for healing, both inside and outside. 🙂

  4. so sad to hear that bedside table greeted you in such a manner…how dare it! I can imagine the feelings you’re having going out to so many appointments too…but from where I stand you’re already almost into tomorrow and will be over it quicker than I will because of time differences but I wish you great strength getting through it all just the same.

  5. OUCH!! Hope your head feels better soon. And that food sounds gorgeous. Where is my invite 😉 I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow for your jittery day… please think of me with my jittery day too… back to work. yak xx

    1. Hey lovely. You don’t need an invite. You’re welcome here always 🙂

      Good luck tomorrow. I’ll keep you in my thoughts. You’re making yet another huge step. Well done xxx

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