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Poetry incoming


I’m about to post some poems. I’m posting them more for the sake of posterity than for your reading enjoyment. I say that because they are mostly rubbish 🙂

Your Chair

I sit in your chair now – the one in the corner.

The one where you last sat

Every sullen loveless inch of you

Remains in your chair, now vacated.

I sit in your chair sending years

To an empty end

And I dedicate it all to you:

To your ruins

And your shabby comfort

And to your bloody chair.

©WeeGee 2012. All rights reserved.



10 thoughts on “Poetry incoming

  1. you can say they’re rubbish but I would argue with you…I find them just the opposite and I “write” poetry and find these you’ve posted very deep and profound. I like them all because they’re powerful with emotional and that is what I look for in poetry.

    1. It’s hard isn’t it – I put so much into my poetry but I know it isn’t as good as the poetry I love so I feel apologetic even though I feel a little bit proud at the same time.

      I’m glad you enjoyed them. Do you blog your poetry Dot?


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