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Another poem what I wrote


Here is another poem what I wrote:

Sad summer’s trading

Sooner or later I will drown
In your memory.
You will forget the hooked
Nose of my profile,
The giddy sleepless chatter
Of our first year,
Even my laughter which
Fooled no-one.

I will fade behind all that your
Eyes are yet to fix on.
Become a different continent
As far away as home.
And if I come to the surface
I will be the kind of sad summer
That your memory must
Trade with time.


©WeeGee 2012. All rights reserved.


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A poem what I wrote

Here is poem what I wrote….

Looking back to Lisbon

Memories of those days still swirl and fill

The blank square of my time.

You and me, side by side in summer clothes.

The unhappy shape of our lives,

Melting away, too briefly.

You and me unhappy – but somehow content.


Memories of those days filled with what I miss

Not what was, but what will never be.

You and me, side by side, somewhere new.

The unhappy shape of our lives,

Chased away, at last.

You and me content – and looking back to Lisbon.

©WeeGee 2012. All rights reserved.

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Last one

I’m not sad


Sad, I think, I could do.


Sad doesn’t crowd in during the threadbare hours

To chase you out of yourself,

It doesn’t turn out the lights

One by one.


Sad doesn’t steal everything you care about

And taunt you

Because you can’t find their whereabouts.


Sad isn’t a menace

Threatening to stay by your side

For eternity.


Sad doesn’t convince you to abandon all hope –

All love –

All laughter.


Sad doesn’t take your life away


Until the only thing left to do

Is jump off the cliff edge it has led you to.


Sad is sad. It’s the opposite of happy.

Depression is depression. It’s the opposite of well.




©WeeGee 2012. All rights reserved.


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Poetry incoming


I’m about to post some poems. I’m posting them more for the sake of posterity than for your reading enjoyment. I say that because they are mostly rubbish 🙂

Your Chair

I sit in your chair now – the one in the corner.

The one where you last sat

Every sullen loveless inch of you

Remains in your chair, now vacated.

I sit in your chair sending years

To an empty end

And I dedicate it all to you:

To your ruins

And your shabby comfort

And to your bloody chair.

©WeeGee 2012. All rights reserved.


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Don’t laugh

I am about to post a poem. It’s a poem what I wrote.

I write a lot of poems. I spend weeks of my life tweaking them until I’m happy and then I place them in a box full of stuff.

Every so often I go through the box full of stuff and throw all the poems away. I don’t know why…..

Crocodile tears

You always were reptilian – cold blooded,
Treacherous and extremely dangerous to know.
A three chambered heart,
Sealed off but beating

Beating behind a row of heavy carbon teeth.
You stretch out sinister smiles,
Marble eyed and perfectly still,
Summoned and unreal.

You coerce tears watching as their sharp edges
Gather in the deep dark pools
You tend like a garden.
Unforgiven, you do not forgive

There you go then. A poem what I wrote and put in a box. But now it’s on my blog and I can’t throw it away!

WeeGee xx

©WeeGee 2012.

This post does not fall under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial share alike licence. All rights reserved.