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Don’t laugh

I am about to post a poem. It’s a poem what I wrote.

I write a lot of poems. I spend weeks of my life tweaking them until I’m happy and then I place them in a box full of stuff.

Every so often I go through the box full of stuff and throw all the poems away. I don’t know why…..

Crocodile tears

You always were reptilian – cold blooded,
Treacherous and extremely dangerous to know.
A three chambered heart,
Sealed off but beating

Beating behind a row of heavy carbon teeth.
You stretch out sinister smiles,
Marble eyed and perfectly still,
Summoned and unreal.

You coerce tears watching as their sharp edges
Gather in the deep dark pools
You tend like a garden.
Unforgiven, you do not forgive

There you go then. A poem what I wrote and put in a box. But now it’s on my blog and I can’t throw it away!

WeeGee xx

©WeeGee 2012.

This post does not fall under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial share alike licence. All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Don’t laugh

  1. i like this poem and what i have it stand for…it could be a totally different meaning that what you mean but it brings into my brain some very evil thoughts.

  2. WeeGee, what a sad and powerful poem. I loved reading it. I feel I got to experience a different – and unique – side of you. I do hope you post more.

  3. I’m glad you can’t throw it away. Your work is far too good to be thrown away! I love that poem – thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  4. I’m glad you can’t throw it away, but then again if you feel the need in the future you can always trash the post. (I’m sure you know this) I only mention it since as a writer, I understand that we are all different and some things written we wish not to keep.

    Thanks for posting this one. It is really good. I hope “Crocodile tears” makes the cut and isn’t destroyed. 🙂

    1. Trashing it had occured to me, but I have a rule that once it goes on my blog it stays on my blog. I often regret throwing my writing away, so this is attempt to keep hold of it in a different way…


      1. Clever idea! I once for no one including me knows why took years of writing and burnt them until there was nothing left to decipher from the ashes. I miss them (the writings) very much. Sometimes writing becomes such a part of us, that to destroy it, destroys a piece of us with it.

        Here’s to no more regret!

      2. In that case, I vote that you pull out every single poem you have and post them on your blog, before a sullen mood comes over you and in the haste of that unforgiving feeling you do all of us a great disservice by throwing them away. That, my friend, would be a tragedy. Truly.

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