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Ignore me – I’m a lunatic

You know my last post? Well you can ignore that one already because broken brain isn’t getting away with that one. I liked my little hope and I’m keeping it whether the brain likes it or not.

The very lovely Ellie AKA the Anxious Elephant nominated me for the ‘very inspiring blogger award’ which was good of her not least because her blog is awesome. I’ve had that one before* so I’m not going to re-accept but I thought I’d half take part by telling you seven things about myself . That’ll be good fun eh?

Seven things that WeeGee did today

1. WeeGee realised she was having the annual swollen tonsils event and thought ‘what a pain in the backside that is’.

2. WeeGee got all bundled up in her new hat to go to the doctors but soon realised she didn’t need her new hat because it wasn’t actually that cold and she was too hot to start with anyway. This is me in my new hat** which I share with you because it’s new and I haven’t had any compliments yet. Yes. That was a hint.

3. WeeGee finally got to the end of The Thick of It and realised that Mr Friendly was right when he said it peaked at episode five. Which annoyed her because now she can’t have an argument about it with him.

4. WeeGee spent the afternoon trying to complete her mission to read the whole of the Internet. She hasn’t quite managed it yet but her preliminary review is that some of it is good but most of it is RUBBISH

5. WeeGee spent a lot of time wondering how she hadn’t discovered Good Old War on spotify before because they are AWESOME

6. WeeGee had a little bit of a wobbly boohoo moment but was okay in the end

7. WeeGee decided that she was going into work tomorrow even if she dies in the night because being poorly at home is BORING

Told you it’d be fun 😀

Lots of love from WeeGee McSickNote xxxxx

*I must be very inspiring or somefink!

**I’m not actually smiling – that’s my ‘I’m very poorly’ brave face


16 thoughts on “Ignore me – I’m a lunatic

  1. Hats suit you! They resaaaally don’t suit me. I’d love a warm snuggly hat like that one but I couldn’t wear it out which I guess it’s designed for 😉 glad you were able to nip the bad thoughts in the bud. I also hope you feel better soon! You sound so physically run down recently 😦 xx

    1. Awww I bet you are beautiful in a hat 🙂 I also hope I feel better soon because I do feel a bit run down and it’s rubbish being both run down and bouncy… 🙂

    1. Thank you for liking my hat 🙂 It’s funny, because I post pictures of myself but try never to mention my real name – and you do the opposite! x

      1. That’s not my real name. My professional circumstances combined with the very small area in which I live make anonymity critical. It’s just a couple random names I threw together. I sometimes wish I had the courage to be more open about it, but that just wouldn’t be smart.

    1. Yeah – seriously – don’t bother with the internet unless you are poorly and REALLY bored 🙂

      Thank you for loving my hat – I’m feeling better about it now xx

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