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I made it!

I am pleased to report that the 19th September 2012 passed without incident, tragedy or disaster here in WeeGee land. Fank gawd for that….

I decided to have a nice quiet evening to myself last night. The challenge was to remember the sad things – pay my respects, as it were – without driving myself round the bend. I think I managed it quite admirably.

It’s important to be able to remember, especially when no one else is going to. In the end I marked the occasion without getting into any trouble and I feel better for having done it.

So, that’s it all done with for another year. Who knows? By the time the 19th September 2013 comes around I might be able to say ‘that’s it all done with full stop’

This is a short post, but never fear! I plan to be back later on with a ‘thirty days of truth’ post but before that I have a little bit of reading to do….

Lots of love from a relieved WeeGee on 20th September *sigh of relief*


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