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If I was to say that I am TOTALLY exhausted it would be something of an MASSIVE understatement. The last time I looked at the clock last night was just after 4am. The first time I looked at the clock this morning was 6.20am and I’ve been awake ever since. I’m slightly delirious but I don’t think I could sleep right now if I tried….

I hate insomnia. I sometimes think that is my life’s ambition to go to sleep when I’m tired, stay asleep and then wake up when I’m not tired any more – just once or twice you know, to see how it feels? Not much of an ambition, eh?

If it weren’t for the insomnia things would be rumbling along reasonably well all things considered. It’s ‘D Day’ tomorrow but I’m trying not to think about that too much. In fact I’ve got a long list of distractions and plans to get me through it. As far as I’m concerned there are going to be no tragedies or disasters on the 19th September this year – world: take note. I’ve also decided that I’m not going to let my brain drive me round the bend thinking about all the tragedies and disasters of the past – brain: take note.

I’m racking my brain for something to tell you about. I don’t know if it’s the delirium, or the fact that things are just about fine but I got nothing. By rights I should do a ‘thirty days’ post but I’m TOTALLY exhausted so that really wouldn’t work.

Okay – so that’s about it from me. I’m exhausted, delirious and dreading tomorrow. But things are just about fine.

Over and out.

Love from a very sleepy but not able to sleep WeeGee xxx


16 thoughts on “Delirium

      1. Not sure how well some of those will suit you! – personally I don’t feel so fed up with the insomnia if I have done something with it, be it never so little. Lying in bed failing to sleep makes me exhausted AND furious at the waste of time. Hope yours is settling a bit.

  1. Hi there miss WeeGee. Sorry you haven’t been sleeping. I do understand that… Do I sound completely ignorant when I ask what D Day is/means? Anyhow, thinking of you and thanks for all the sweet comments/hugs today. You are a gem. Sending those hugs right back to you xx

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