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Hmmm, where to start?

I don’t know where to start today so I thought I might as well start by telling you that I don’t know where to start to see if that gets me on my way……




I still don’t know where to start.


I’m a bit wobbly today. There you go. That’s a start.

I’m feeling jittery and panicked and I can’t catch hold of a single one of the three squillion thoughts that are flying around in my head. That’s the middle.

Language has left me and I can’t write a post today. That’s the end.

Still – I get a new start tomorrow right? That’s the beauty of it

Lots of love WeeGee  xxx


22 thoughts on “Hmmm, where to start?

  1. I heard on a soap opera years ago, “sometimes the best way to deal with a bad day is to end it,” I’ve used that on a couple of occasions and just called it a day earlier than usual. It’s okay. 🙂

  2. Sorry you’re feeling wobbly. Have you considered doing the “jelly on a plate” song and dance? I don’t know why I said that…feeling a bit hyper/strange at the moment!! But back to the point, I hope you feel better soon, and yes – of course you get a new chance tomorrow! Looking forward to reading your next stroke of genius on how to eat an elephant 😀 Big elephant hugs xxx

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