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Mardy bum


I’m having a bit of a mardy* today. I was all set to be looking forward to it, in a funny kind of way, but then by brain took umbrage and delivered a migraine so now….. well so now I’m having a mardy. I’m having a mardy because I was supposed to be helping the lovely Depressed Moose out, but in the end I was too busy vomiting and seeing a kaleidoscope of colours to even leave the house.

It has taken me four attempts to get out of bed today, and although I feel a little better I still feel like I have a head stuffed full of cotton wool. In fairness, I ought to be grateful for having a brain stuffed full of anything – cotton wool is a marked improvement on the flat and empties after all – but all I really want is to have a normal brain free from mental attacks and stinking migraines and nonsense.

Sometimes you think ‘okay, I’ve done my time – now leave me the hell alone’ don’t you?

I know exactly what the matter with me is at the moment. I’m STRESSED OUT. I know I’m STRESSED OUT because I got a migraine and my psoriasis has GONE NUCLEAR. I also know I’m stressed out because it is the 13th September which is almost the 19th September which is the day that my life falls apart. It’s a tradition. If something bad is going to happen, that’s the date it will happen. You couldn’t make up the list of tragedies and disasters that have struck on the 19th September in WeeGee land. It’s almost enough to make you believe in fate or something……

Mrs Mountain is of the opinion that I store up bad news for the 19th September. That once upon a time it all went wrong on that day and now I attach too much significance to it, so I’m on the lookout for shitty things. Or that on that date mildly shitty things will feel majorly shitty just by association. I kinda want that to be true, but I also kinda don’t think it is.

Pfft. Roll on October is all I’ve got to say.

Lots of love from a very mardy WeeGee xx


*Just in case you aren’t from Nott’m, Derby or Sheffield here’s what mardy means



20 thoughts on “Mardy bum

  1. thats unfortunate, please feel better! And hopefully the 19th wont be anything terrible. Ps- Mardy Bum is a very good Arctic Monkeys song! (you may already know that). Hang in there (:

  2. migraines are brutal! i hope you feel better tomorrow…maybe it is tomorrow there already so i hope you you slept well. thank you for the mardy explanation! i don’t see you as mardy, i see you as struggling xo

    1. I’m just about back to myself two days later. Whoever myself is!

      Migraines are awful. I’m lucky in that I don’t suffer badly. My poor old mum has a rotten time with them.

  3. Wee, did you see the link SailorGirl posted on my about us page? A whole site full of ragtag t-shirts! Glad you are feeling better today. I’m still thinking of where to go as Richmond is off the cards 😉 xx

    1. Oooh, oooh, oooh! I want the ‘proud to be different’ one soooo much 😀

      I gave up on the common and had a little wander along the river instead. It’s gorgeous outside. GO OUTSIDE!! xx

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