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More lessons

I feel that I should write something. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write, but if I don’t write something soon I’ll get out of the habit of writing and that’d probably spell The End for How do you eat an elephant? Which would be a bit of a shame…..

I suppose I should start by filling you in on the last couple of days which have felt like something approaching good. Yes, you did read that right – I said something approaching good! Okay, so I had a minor melt down at the start of the week but it had been a long time coming I suppose and I’ve just about forgiven myself  because I feel like I’ve learned some important lessons along the way. Which is no bad thing…..

Important lesson of the week # 1: If you can’t keep going you have to stop keeping going until you’re ready to get going again.

I’ve also been busy taking care of myself and making a plan. It feels like ages since I’ve a) properly taken care of myself or b) had a plan. It feels so much better to have something to aim for other than Eastenders* I’m not talking about any kind of grand ‘sort your life out in four weeks’ plan, more of a ‘let’s get from a to b and worry about c later’ type plan.

Important lesson of the week # 2: You don’t have to do EVERYTHING right now because there’s plenty of time for everything.

I’ve had a few words with ‘the brain’. It’s a ridiculous state of affairs – we can’t hate one another for ever because we’re pretty much stuck with each other** and whether we like it or not we’re going to have to find a way to rub along together. The deal goes something like this: I will nourish rest and generally take good care of the brain if the brain promises to make a concerted effort to stop with all that over thinking it nonsense. In the fullness of time I’d like the brain to give up on all that up/down/backwards/forwards/shake it all about stuff, but hey! At least we’ve got a start.

Important lesson of the week #3: If you take good care of your brain it will be remarkably compliant when it comes to doing deals.

One week. One meltdown. Three lessons. Could be worse eh?

In conclusion I think things are looking okay. That’s as far as my ‘state of the nation’ update goes: WeeGee is okay. Which is pretty much okay.

Never fear – I’ll be back later with some of the more usual rambling idiocy

Love WeeGee xxx

*Yes. I watch Eastenders. What of it?!

**What with the frontal lobotomy being out of fashion and all….


22 thoughts on “More lessons

  1. I think you’re right that having a plan is a good place to start. I’m trying that too just to gain some control before I go bonkers. Glad to hear you’re doing better too.

  2. Crucial life lessons — now, will you teach them to us all? 🙂 So glad to hear you are feeling better. Would you like some well done hugs for getting through and staying strong?? xxxx

      1. Always. You don’t strike me as much of an award person (as in some people accept them and some dont and just think its a popularity contest) but just so you know I’d like you to at least think about taking a nomination from me for the strong person award (and I know you’ve received it from others but I just wanted you to have it from me too) xx

  3. There is a hteat feal of wisdom in these lessons. I particularly like number one. Glad you are well.

  4. Glad to hear from you! I definitely don’t want this blog to go anywhere!!
    Brains are dumb. I’m trying to get mine to stop being a jerk too. Thanks for the advice 🙂

    Warm thoughts ❤

    1. Haha! I would normally say ‘I won’t hear a word said against Eastenders’, but that’s a good point well made 😉

      Plans are what it’s all about. And don’t mention it 🙂


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