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Last one

I’m not sad


Sad, I think, I could do.


Sad doesn’t crowd in during the threadbare hours

To chase you out of yourself,

It doesn’t turn out the lights

One by one.


Sad doesn’t steal everything you care about

And taunt you

Because you can’t find their whereabouts.


Sad isn’t a menace

Threatening to stay by your side

For eternity.


Sad doesn’t convince you to abandon all hope –

All love –

All laughter.


Sad doesn’t take your life away


Until the only thing left to do

Is jump off the cliff edge it has led you to.


Sad is sad. It’s the opposite of happy.

Depression is depression. It’s the opposite of well.




©WeeGee 2012. All rights reserved.


Based on an original work published at



16 thoughts on “Last one

  1. Just… wow, what can I say. So accurate, so well written and done in a way which explains the difference between sad and depression that can often be so hard to portray to others. Well done x

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