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Things not to do…..

I’ve learned an awful lot of valuable lessons in my time but none more valuable than the lesson I learned recently about not accidentally taking anti-histamine pills instead of broken brain meds for almost a week.

It’s an easy enough mistake to make, especially if you’ve got things on your mind and your focus is on keeping up the early morning routine that goes ‘open drawer, take meds, close drawer’. It’s also an incredibly stupid mistake to make not least because when you start getting mild withdrawal symptoms when you’ve got no reason to expect them it’s really rather easy to convince yourself that you are, for once and for all, going slowly but surely off your not-so-jolly little rocker.

Thankfully it’s an easy enough mistake to put right so my little rocker is starting to get back to its jolly self. That said, I’m trying to take myself with a ginormous pinch of salt at the moment, at least until the chemicals are back on an even keel.

Aside from the anti-histamine affair things are fairly standard here in WeeGee land. By and large I’m well by which I mean that even though I’m a little bit wobbly I’ve got no plans to jump off any tall things any time soon. One or two rugs have been yanked out from under my feet in the past month or so. On the one hand the fact that there are so many changes afoot feels like rough justice but on the other hand I know that change is inevitable. I also know that sometimes you don’t get to choose what the changes will be or when they’ll arrive. I’m doing my best to take everything in my stride….

That’s about it from me. This post wasn’t really about saying anything – I just wanted to take the time to write something. I guess I wanted to see how it felt to write again, and to figure out if there was still a space for me here, and to understand whether or not this was a routine I could get myself back in to. Needless to say, I don’t know the answer to any of those questions yet.

I hope you’re all doing well. I miss you all tonnes and of course – I love you all lots like jelly tots.

WeeGee xoxox


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