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Seven weeks of weird – week one

Hello, hello. How do you all fancy a little bit of weird for not much of a change?

My good blogging buddy, none other than the very esteemed Mental Mama is hosting an awesome little challenge that goes by the name of ‘Seven weeks of weird’. You can read all about it here, if so you wish.


Needless to say I decided to take part – mostly because I like weird, but also because I’m so good at weird I’m not entirely convinced that seven weeks is going to be enough to fit all of my weird into….

Anyhow – for my first prompt I’m required to tell you all about the weirdest food or food combination that I like that everyone else thinks is nasty.

Here’s the thing, and the thing is a bit of a confession. I LOVE the Toby Carvery and I love it even though I know that it’s mostly nasty. For me, the Toby Carvery is the pot noodle of eating out. It’s cheap, it isn’t always cheerful, but man does it hit the spot…. Look! This is what you get!

toby carvery plate

I’m assuming my overseas readers will have no idea what the Toby Carvery is? Put simply it’s an all you can eat roast dinner buffet type place. You grab a plate choose from beef, chicken, gammon, and pork (or any combination therof), and then pile on whatever random selection of potato and vegetable accompaniments takes your fancy. IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER IF THEY MATCH.

Best of all, you get to mix up your sauces in a way that is normally scorned upon in polite society. My personal preference is to take chicken gravy and cranberry sauce with beef…. JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

So yeah – I love the Toby Carvery. I love the freedom to eat stuff you aren’t meant to eat together IN PUBLIC, and I love the fact that you can eat EXACTLY as much as you want to (even if that happens to be a child sized portion) and I LOVE the fact that most sensible people hate it….. because it usually means I’m the most sensible person in the whole place. And when do I ever get to say that?!

Love you all lots, like Jelly Tots

WeeGee xoxoxo






7 thoughts on “Seven weeks of weird – week one

  1. We have a few places like that – Golden Corral and Old Country Buffet. I love going there because if all I want is mac & cheese and meatballs, it’s all good. 😀

  2. ewww! lol In my own weirdness, all my food has to be separate on my plate. I can’t stand mixing food. That is aside from maybe gravy on potatoes but not different food together…lol

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