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How did this happen?

Sometimes it’s really funny the way things turn out…. I’m currently dating a guy called Craig. Before that I dated a guy called Daniel. Before that I dated a guy who described himself as Daniel Craig’s body double*…. Weird huh?

Anyway – all of that aside, I figured it was time for a proper update. And by proper I mean not all BOO HOO or all AWESOME and just a bit matter of fact this is what’s going on in WeeGee land at the moment…..

Bottom line? Life is good and I can’t find a single thing to complain about** I went from ‘dating’ a lovely guy to being ‘in a relationship’ with a lovely guy which ought to be weird and scary but which is actually just natural and nice. You can spend years and years and years of your life dreading and avoiding something until one day the thing you were dreading and avoiding turns up and you are somehow glad that it did.

Hmmm. So the thing is that this time last year I was a bit mental. I was hiding, and jumping off tall things, and waiting for it all to be over. This time last year I wasn’t coping. As for now? Take that broken brain. I’m all better, and well, and IN YOUR FACE DEPRESSION. Oh and I seem to have remembered what the future feels like and it’s all cool….

I suppose the pertinent point at the moment is my upcoming birthday. What should I do? A big thing with all the people I know (scary), a medium thing with the important people (scary) a small thing with the old folks, or the new folks, or the wordpress folks. BUMS.

This isn’t the kind of song I usually share

Jelly tots xxxx

*To be fair, there is definitely a resemblance
**I could if I tried. But why try?


11 thoughts on “How did this happen?

  1. In answer to your question title…who cares, just enjoy it 🙂 Glad things are going well for you right now.

    I don’t know anyone, who used to watch the littlest hobo, who hasn’t broken out into a smile when they’ve heard this song played. Usually accompanied by a burst of singing…”until tomorrow I’ll just keep moving on…do do do, do do do”. I sooooo wanted that dog as a kid, meh who am I kidding I still do!

    1. It’s a proper feel good song isn’t it. I wanted the littlest hobo to come and live with me…. I was convinced he’d want to settle down at last when he saw how much I loved him…..

      And damn right I’m going to enjoy it 😀

  2. Hahaha…your posts always amuse me. Not sure what I’d do without them really, they’re so bright and cheery and wonderful! I’m glad you’re feeling better! (I probably say that too much). One problem for me was that when this summer rolled around (last summer was really bad for me) I started getting really anxious for absolutely no reason, just because the weather reminded me about last year and the way that felt. How did you get around that? Am I just crazy? :S

    1. I get that too – the weather at certain times of the year can seem to transport you back to unhappier times. I’m not sure I really got around it – I’ve just got better at ignoring the irrational thoughts my brain comes up with every once in a while….

      Huge hugs, WeeGee xoxo

      1. Okay well I’m glad I’m not the only person who goes through that! And that’s good! (: and ahaha tis true!

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