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Leap and a net will appear

Okay folks. Here goes…..

First up the sun is shining and all is well here in WeeGee land. On which note I have a message for all the people who think it’s ‘too hot’: Shut your face and do one of the following:

• Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on grass
• Eat an ice cream
• Go to the seaside
• Get over it


We’ve had a funny few weeks on ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ haven’t we? It’s all been a bit wobbly and Boo Hoo and why don’t we just go ahead and jump out the window. To be fair, I think I got a little bit lost in things that don’t matter – you know, like the future and stuff.

The last time I updated you I was feeling a bit scared and a bit hidey and a bit WHAT THE FUCK? I’ve settled down again now and I’m mostly thinking that old thing about the future starting here.
Let’s forget about all the weird shit I could worry about. I’m a happy and lucky little soul. And that’s going to do me……

Here’s a song…


Love you lots like jelly tots


10 thoughts on “Leap and a net will appear

  1. Good tips to keep cool in the hot weather. Ummmm but alas I’m one of those who are saying its too hot ;). Well, I’m a postie…I lost over half a stone yesterday in sweat alone. Ok whine over, the weather is great when I’m not working.

    Glad you’re feeling better

    1. Hmmm. I sorta agree the weather is better when you don’t have to work but this is the UK – we have not right to complain about warm!

  2. So glad to hear you’re feeling better! And yes warm weather is absolutely lovely! Cheers!
    -LW 😀

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