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Thus the sky has nothing to scatter but red….

It’s pretty late. As in well past WeeGee’s bed time pretty late. The thing is my brain is not going to consent to going to sleep and I don’t have the energy to have that particular argument with myslef so I’m going to go right ahead and blog instead.

Hello! Welcome to my insomniac, wibbly wobbly wobbling post 🙂 I might as well tell you the short story because the long story is, well, long…..

So – I had a date. Third date actually with a total sweetie. And I had a lovely time. And that ought to be all you need to know. But then WeeGee did a WeeGee and pushed the infamous self sabotage button….

‘Dear Mr Awesome Thing Number Five,

Oh, you’re not thinking of running a mile? Let me behave like a weirdo until you do

Love, WeeGee’

Why can’t I just take nice and enjoy it? What on earth is the matter with me?

If I’m lost tonight, it’s only because I lost myself. And, as Mr Wise quite rightly pointed out – I seem to be doing this on purpose. How many more inappropriate guys am I going to fall in love with? Do I even want someone to care let alone love me? Do you like this song? It’s AWESOME:

Oh – and as for the title of my post? I went to the Science Museum on Saturday and a little person had drawn an awesome picture and explained some science that was beyond me and ended by pointing out that the sky had nothing else to scatter but red. I liked it.

Love you with all of my heart xoxoxo


19 thoughts on “Thus the sky has nothing to scatter but red….

  1. eventually the time will come when you let someone in and didnt even realise it. just enjoy the dates and getting to know this new person it doesnt have to lead to anything other than fun and a new life experience. Go with the flow weegee

  2. i used to do that all the time go out with trouble and push the good ones away. my Hubby is a good one, but i pushed him away for three years, I even treated him badly. he didn’t give up. i think we have to believe we deserve the good. if all we are used to is no good than it’s an unhealthy comfort zone we tend to gravitate too.

    i do hope you can get some sleep xo

    1. Thanks lovely. I got a little sleep but I’m hoping for more tonight…

      That’s a really good point about unhealthy comfort zones. I’ll have to have one of my little thinks about that…. xoxox

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