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An awesome little weekend

Okay, so before you say it, I know I should be asleep. I tried to be asleep but it wasn’t quite happening so I decided to get up and do something instead of lying in bed thinking ‘I wish I was asleep’. The thing about lying in bed wishing you were asleep is that there is no surer way of keeping yourself awake. That, by the way, is one of those important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Apart from being awake when I should probably be asleep I don’t have a single cause for complaint. Yep. You heard me right: I don’t have a SINGLE cause for complaint. How brilliant is that? I’ve got myself over one of my little wobbles without jumping off any tall things, or accidentally on purpose starving myself, or hurting myself, or hiding in my little hidey hole. I did all of the right things AND IT WAS ALRIGHT IN THE END. It shouldn’t be surprising – if you do the right things for long enough eventually everything will be right. One of these days I’m going to remember not to forget that one……

Do you know what I did this weekend? I went and had myself an AWESOME little weekend filled with the company of the AWESOME people I care about, like Mr Friendly, and Mrs Sparkle, and Mr X. I even managed to fit in a spot of WeeGee pottering along quite nicely all by herself. Which brings me onto the next thing that I forget to remember: WeeGee needs to balance the time she spends alone and the time she spends with the people she cares about because if the balance tips too far in either direction WeeGee goes a bit mental. Too much time alone and I’m prone to hiding. Which is rubbish. Too much time with other people and I get overwhelmed and start soaking them up and forgetting to be me. Which is also rubbish.

I suppose I should do a bit of a Mr X update because I know how you love a bit of gossip. Well…. I’m pleased to report that Mr X and I are coming along quite nicely thank you very much. The time we spend together is always time well spent – happy and content and above all else, easy. It really isn’t easy for me to feel that being with someone is easy because I’m usually too busy being confused, or frightened, or suspicious for easy to get a look in. As daft as it sounds, I’m really enjoying easy.

The nicest thing of all about Mr X, is that I’m not all carried away with it. Right now, I’m lucky enough to be dating a really, really lovely guy* and I’m enjoying getting to know him and letting him get to know me. We’re having a good time and we’re smiling, and we’re laughing and we’re skirting around the big stuff in a natural and organic way**. We’re telling each other the truth and slowly coming to trust one another without being foolish. In a nutshell? So far so good. It isn’t any more complicated than that, because it doesn’t have to be. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Meanwhile in other news I visited Hampton Court Maze today which was excellent fun, but also planted the seed of a thought about negotiating your way through the maze that is being alive. I might come back to that one in another post, because I probably need to have one of my little thinks before I can make any sense out of it……

Nothing else to report today save that I wondered if you’d like to hear a pretty little song. It’s kinda sad, but also kinda not and I happen to be a little bit in love with it:

Loadsa love from WeeGee McImightsleepnow xoxoxox

*who also happens to be really rather handsome. Just saying.
**we’ve even broached the Bristol scale. Which will either mean something to you, or it won’t. No need to google it. Seriously…..


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