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Keeping on keeping on

Today I have mostly been having a bit of a word with myself because broken brain was threatening to take charge and I decided that I wasn’t having any of that because when broken brain takes charge things start to get boring and WeeGee so hates it when things start to get boring.

Every once in a while I have to remind myself not to forget that I am a perfectly capable and determined individual* who quite likes being out there in the world doing my little thing. Sure – I’m a bit hypersensitive at times, and I’m prone to wobbling, and sinking, and crying uncontrollably, and saying really bad swear words just because I can. But if you look at it from another angle all that really says is that I care about stuff, and that I’m not afraid to let myself feel whichever feeling comes along, and that I know myself better than most. And that my ‘swearing like a navvy’ skills are particularly well developed.

It’s time for WeeGee to spring into action, take care of herself, and keep on keeping on like she always does. Cue a particularly amusing ‘I’m not fat so I can eat whatever I want to’ trip to the supermarket** a flat refusal to cancel any further plans on account of my alien brain, a great deal of WeeGee style hilarity in the office*** and a whole load of WeeGee AWESOMENESS thank you very much. In more sensible developments I made a appointment to see Mr Clever**** and had a bit of a chat with Mrs Worry about managing my workload between now and the wobble being completely over*****

Go me.

Today I have been reminded that honesty is always the best policy and that it’s okay to say ‘help’ if you need a little help, because its always out there if you ask. I’ve also remembered I’m a very lucky girl because the people in my life are good and kind people who are always there to hang onto my ankles so I don’t fall into the pit.

As for what all this wobbling has been about? The same thing it’s always about – control, or lack of control over the way I feel. The thing is, I either accept that I have people and opportunities in my life and hand over a bit of control, or I hide in my bed for the rest of my life pretending that there’s no such thing as other people or opportunities. Not much of a choice really, is it?

What’s that thing about life being about the journey and not the destination?

Meanwhile in other news I am very close to bouncing off the walls with excitement because I’m going to see the very marvellous Frank Turner TWO DAYS RUNNING. Hurrah! Nothing else to report today save that I’m going to end with a happy little song today because I decided it would make a nice little change.

Loads and loadsa love and hugs and penguins <(")******

WeeGee McKeepingKeepingOn xoxoxoxo

PS Pen: the asterisks are especially for you xoxoxox

*note the deliberate omission of the word human
**Who all wants some carbohydrates?
***It involved 'sticky bogies' and an acorn that looked like a poo. One of these days I'll grow up, but not yet.
****better safe than sorry I guess
****I refuse to get in a mess at work because that's just the beginning of the end.
******thanks to the lovely Rhio for the AWESOME penguin xoxoxox


7 thoughts on “Keeping on keeping on

  1. Penguins!
    I like those guys, in the video. That’s a cool as penguin song.
    I read this quote earlier, it read, “It’s better to feel too much, than to feel nothing at all” then I thought about it, and thought, WHAT? I want to feel nothing.
    Then thought about it even more than before, and decided this quote might be right actually. Things cant feel awesome if you dont feel anything.

    1. They’re a really cool band – like Mumford and sons would be like if it wasn’t for The Man and all the corporate rubbish.

      That’s an excellent quote. I love a good quote me. It also occurs that if you never felt sad, you wouldn’t even recognise awesome when it came around.


      1. I type words in google, like feeling words. Like “angry” for instance, and add the word “quote” afterward. I find it helps. Feelings are hard to learn let alone put into words, but other people have already done that for you, then you just have to say, “YES, that’s what I feel” and feel more human because someone else felt it too to write that quote. Goodreads is probably my most visited website.

  2. Must be a carb kind of day. My lunch consisted of half a bag of sea salt bagel crisps. So much for all my healthy eating.

    You go girl, and keep on going, and then maybe go some more. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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