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Hilarity, hiding and the best chat up line in the world EVER (if you are WeeGee)

It all started with a rather hilarious evening with Mrs Sparkle. Between us we had a super duper girly evening and made every effort possible to put the world to rights. We had a good old chit chat about how different WeeGee is when she’s not off her rocker, and how much of a ginormous arsehole Mrs Sparkles ex husband actually is and how James Arthur is NOT appropriate crush material We also came up with a famed WeeGee list containing the things that WeeGee is, and isn’t looking for in a man:

Things WeeGee is definitely not looking for in a man

  • Height (I’m quite small enough without people looking down their noses at me thank you very much)
  • A ridiculous online user name (because a ridiculous online user name is the virtual equivalent of a ‘novelty tie’)
  • A desire to fix WeeGee (because of that thing I have about being independent)
  • A desire to ‘need’ WeeGee (because of that same thing I have about being independent)
  • An unhealthy relationship with a football team (been there, done that – it’s boring)

Things WeeGee is definitely looking for in a man

  • A kind heart
  • Hilarious jokes (hilarity in general will suffice)
  • A healthy dose of cheeky
  • A fantabulous hug
  • A small hint of geekiness

He’s out there somewhere, right?

And then I went to bed and discovered that I was having my first major bout of insomnia for as long as I can remember. You forget how rubbish insomnia is way too quickly. It’s piggin’ awful to be awake when the only thing in the world you want to be is ASLEEP. It’s equally awful when you remember that the only thing insomnia is good for is stirring up all the crap that you thought you had left behind. ROAR.

Anyway – the upshot of insomnia is that I’ve been having a hide today. It was only a small hide, and on reflection I think it was long overdue because there were one or two things that I needed to figure out and sometimes you can only figure things out if you pretend the world isn’t actually happening round you…..

I’ve pretty much figured it all out, but for tonight I just wanted to admit that a hide had occurred. Not only that – I have survived it and reached the conclusion that it’s perfectly NORMAL to have a bad day, where you mostly want to keep yourself to yourself and that you can do that without doing a quick recce of the light fittings.

Meanwhile in other news today I heard the best chat up line in the world EVER….. ‘is it acceptable to use a semi-colon after a question mark?’ Be still my beating heart! Nothing else to report today save that I went for a run this morning despite the self imposed running ban and it was pretty damn fine.

Lots of love from WeeeeeeeGeeeeeee xoxoxoxo


16 thoughts on “Hilarity, hiding and the best chat up line in the world EVER (if you are WeeGee)

  1. Looks like a pretty good list of things to look for in a man – I’m sure he’s out there somewhere!! I hope your little hide made you feel better, and hope the insomnia doesn’t stay too long! xx

  2. I love that this ginormous amount of wisdom reminds me of the tender, yet true wisdom spoken by another wise soul: Winnie-the-Pooh! Good for you for finding it normal to have a hide now and then. 🙂

  3. Like this blog a lot, need something to smile about on a Sunday night! I have been hiding for four weeks now and you’ve reminded me that I’ve got yo make some decisions and face up to the real world again. Good you happy x

  4. it is normal to have a hide!! i had to laugh at the height thing as i am 5ft1 and my Hubby is 6ft 8…his height is one of the reasons i had for not marrying him…LOL here we are 9 years later…

      1. well just don’t shut the door on that as you never know what kind of amazing person you can meet that you might miss out on. luckily for me Hubby didn’t give on me!
        that’s great that you enjoyed your hide!

      1. ahaha! yes he is tall! his tallest sister (and he has six and on one brother) is 6ft3…it’s really overwhelming. although i don’t see Hubby’s height anymore…it’s funny watching people’s reactions when they realize we are a couple! lol

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