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Seven things you shall shortly know about WeeGee

Morning folks. How’s everybody getting on? I wondered if you might fancy a little bit of a WeeGee awards post? By the way, it doesn’t really matter what your answer is because you are getting an awards post regardless….

The marvellous Rachel Miller over at My Bipolar Life very kindly nominated my blog for the one lovely blog award. That was pretty sweet of her and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me. Oh and I hope you had a super birthday Rachel? The thing is – I’ve received this award before, but writing seven things about myself provides an excellent distraction which is exactly what I need right now*.

Seven things you didn’t know about WeeGee (but that you will know by the end of this post)

1. WeeGee was the head girl at her school

Believe it or not I was elected as the head girl at my school in 1995. I say believe it or not because I was in FULL BLOWN NUTTER mode at the time of my election. My readers have seen me when I’m mental, but I promise you WeeGee being mental is nothing compared to WeeGee in FULL BLOWN NUTTER mode. Being head girl means you get to wear a badge and feel popular and important but I can’t remember much more about it than that owing to FULL BLOWN NUTTER mode.

2. WeeGee has a bit of a ‘thing’ about doing things she’s not very good at doing

To be fair I’ve got an awful lot of ‘things’ about things** but the one that frustrates me most is my absolute refusal to do things that I’m not very good at doing which means I have to watch on when people are playing pool (amongst other things)

3. WeeGee thinks she might have a bit of a crush on Mr I’m Quite Handsome

This one only occurred to me today, so it’s no wonder that you didn’t know it about me before. Mr I’m Quite handsome works for one of our resellers and he comes to see me at least once a month and he’s always super nice to me because he wants us to spend loadsa money with his company. Anyway I caught myself doing the whole inauspicious check for a wedding ring thing earlier and Mr I’m Quite Handsome also caught me at it and made a joke about being single in his thirties and WeeGee thought hang on a little minute there and then shook his hand and said ‘see you next month’ in the normal fashion….. Sigh.

4. WeeGee is a ‘person of executive potential’

Believe it or not, when I’m not bouncing around being daft at work I actually have a responsible job which (even if I do say so myself) I’m pretty damn good at. I often say that I don’t take anything very seriously but my job is the obvious exception that proves the rule. Anyway, I’m pleased to report that my reputation clearly proceeds me and I have recently been put forward for the executive mentoring scheme. I consider this to be even more impressive given the recent attack of the mentals and the resultant time off work.

5. WeeGee has a lucky charm

I don’t believe in fate or destiny or any of that stuff, mainly because I try not to believe in things that defy all logic, but I do have a lucky charm. It’s a pair of miniature wellington boots that I bought at Kew Gardens about twelve years ago – they’ve lived on my desk at work ever since, and I’ve got on pretty well at work so I think it’s fair to consider them lucky

6. WeeGee has never seen any of the Star Wars or Alien films

Mr Hilarious swears blind that I’m making this one up for attention but I swear blind that I’m not. In some ways I’d quite like to watch them but I’ve made it 32 years without seeing them and I now consider it to be a bit of a claim to fame.

7. WeeGee is addicted to nicotine replacement lozenges

I’m rather proud of the fact that I managed to quit smoking when I was proper mental. I’m less proud of the fact that although I haven’t had a cigarette for 11 months*** I am now completely addicted to nicotine replacement lozenges. I guess that’s what a compulsive personality does for you.

There you go then – seven things that you didn’t know about WeeGee but that you definitely know now.

Thanks for all the hugs following my last post by the way – I knew I could rely on you guys. As a short update WeeGee got over the not being okay thing without any difficulty and I’m all bouncy and smiley again now. I’m like a Weeble because when I wobble I don’t fall down

Seven lots of love from WeeGee xxxxx

PS – if any of my readers haven’t already had the ‘One lovely blog award’ and would like it, please accept it from me because all the blogs I read are lovely

PPS – I wrote this post last night but then I got distracted by some amusing and hilarious occurrences in WeeGee land. I mention this because it means you’ll probably get two posts from me today





*It occurs to me that I started the thirty days of truth challenge and then forgot to finish it so I might revisit that soon

**Like moths and mushrooms and alphabetical order and things being at just the right angle – the list goes on

***Apart from that night I was drinking gin and tonic with Mrs Perfect but that was completely her fault



11 thoughts on “Seven things you shall shortly know about WeeGee

  1. You sound very perky today, think you should be known as Weeeeee!gee today. There are things i know about you that I don’t even know about the people around me! Is that good or bad???

  2. Number 2 got me. I have that little thing too. And that’s me, sitting in the corner of the pool hall, just watching. Eventually, I just stopped going and started going to places that had pool tables and served alcohol. It’s easier to escape to the bar.

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