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Take it easy chicken

If you are of a certain age and musical persuasion you will probably remember these guys:

I’m not going to lie, Mansun were a bit shit really but they also supported everybody at some point or another so if you went to a single gig between 1994 and 2000 you probably saw them live.

By the way, the only reason for including that song is that I like the title. It’s also the only reason I called my post what I did. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but it doesn’t have to because I’M A LUNATIC.

You will no doubt be delighted to learn that I am not grumpy anymore and that I managed to spend an entire day being grumpy without poking any idiots in the eye. Here in WeeGee land such things go down as achievements.

I have spent my time today banging my head off a brick wall. Not literally, you understand, although I have to say that if I had spent the day literally banging my head off a brick wall I would at least have had something to show for it. Like a few bruises, or a small concussion.

It all started when my mobile phone decided that it wasn’t going to operate as a phone anymore. I can read my emails, listen to music, take photographs and play angry birds with my ‘phone’ but I can’t actually phone anybody up. NOT EXACTLY SMART, eh?*

Then I had to go to work and spend four hours engaging in colleague related head banging. It never ceases to amaze me that so many of the real life grown up people I work with manage to get paid for behaving like children ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME.

Finally my little laptop is misbehaving and it took me 15 WHOLE MINUTES to connect to the Internet. It was like being transported back to the ancient history of 1997 and dial up connections.

So now you are fully up to date on my adventures in headbanging** It’s amazing that I am not grumpy when I come to think about it…..

Meanwhile in other news I am pleased to report that I am still ‘okay’ which is okay. Nothing else to report today save that I spotted a frog on the way to work this afternoon – it didn’t respond when I said hello so I didn’t bother kissing it.

Take it easy my lovely little chickens

Lots of love from WeeGee xx



*I know how old that makes me sound. All I can do is apologise and say I’m not as old as that makes me sound

**I consider renaming myself WeeGee McHeadbanger, but WordPress is only big enough for one headbanger.


13 thoughts on “Take it easy chicken

  1. haha. I don’t remember Mansun at the moment, but that tune–especially the beginning–sounds so damn familiar! Weegee, how old are you? I crash-landed in 1985.

  2. I didn’t know this song but I used to like ‘Wide Open Space’. That one used to get played quite frequently.

    Are you connecting to the internet with a mobile broadband dongle? I sometimes have trouble with mine and find it usually helps to disconnect it when I switch my laptop off and then to plug it back in, the next time I switch it on.

    It’s to do with static build up, I believe. The same thing can happen with other electrical things, with TVs being a particular favourite.

    Whenever my phone starts playing up, I try removing the batter, sim and memory card for a few minutes. Then, start it with just the battery fitted. And then, restart with everything fitted and it always seems to be better. 🙂

    1. Wide open space was a good song. As was Stripper Vicar and she makes my nose bleed. Mansun were good at song titles!

      I have a wireless broadband connection and it’s definitley my laptop because my phone and wii connect fine. I have an old laptop!

      I got my phone working by taking the sim and batery out though 😀


  3. Is it an Iphone? Someone wrote a FB status yesterday saying their Iphone wasn’t allowing them to text or make phone-calls either……….. hmmm….. unless that someone was you! No, I’m pretty sure you’re not secretly male…… xx

  4. I’m glad you’re not grumpy today, because if you were,grumpy mixed with today, could have been interesting, there might have been eyeballs rolling around and actual piece of head on walls 😉 xo

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