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Idiots beware

I’m in a bad mood today. There’s nothing the matter with me – I think I must have got out the wrong side of the bed or something.

Just to be clear I’m not feeling especially mental, in fact what I appear to be experiencing is a plain old fashion bad mood. I’d be perfectly content if a) the world would shut its mouth, b) idiots would stay out of my way and c) I was left alone to sit in peace and quiet getting on with what I’m getting on with (without the world and idiots and stuff getting in the way).

Being in a bad mood when you’re mental leads to all kinds of interesting challenges. First up you have to decide whether you are in a mental bad mood (you think it would be a good idea to jump yourself off a tall building) or in a normal bad mood (you think it would be a good idea to push an idiot off a tall building). I’m definitely in the latter category of bad mood today.

The next challenge is to convince your nearest and dearest that you are not in a mental bad mood. This is a difficult one to achieve because when you are mental there is a tendency for people to assume that everything you do and feel is caused by your mentalness and to ask if you are mental. My ploy today has been to say ‘I’m not mental but if one more person asks me if I’m mental I will probably end up GOING TOTALLY MENTAL

Finally you have to work very hard to make sure you don’t end up pushing any idiots off a tall building. This is the most difficult one of all to achieve – when you’re in a bad mood the idiots seem to multiply and then insist on speaking to you. I did wonder if I could at least poke one in the eye and plead diminished responsibility on account of my bad mood and my history of mentalness. It was a close call, but I thought better of it in the end.

So yeah, the long and the short of today is that WeeGee is in a bad mood.

But that’s okay.

Lots of love from a grumpy WeeGee xxx


21 thoughts on “Idiots beware

    1. Oh I hope so – I’ve been nothing much of anything today – not the same as ‘nothing’… just being I guess which is nice for a change. I hope a spot of just being wings its way to you tomorrow xx

    1. Oh no – I’m okay today so maybe you will be okay again tomorrow….?

      PS – I’m not ignoring you lovely, my phone is on strike or something and won’t send any texts…


      1. Yeah I think I’m just tired after being so hyped up about the appt today. A good long sleep and I will be myself again (whoever that is :p) No worries about your poorly phone… hopefully that will be okay again tomorrow, too! xx

  1. OMG….I sat here laughing at your post. I know, I know….Just leave me the *bleep* alone already…haha…..don’t you get the not so obvious hint??? I’m still looking for that sign that says “excuse me for being mental today”…want one?

  2. I see a possible explanation here, at long last, for the incident a year or two back when as I walked along a busy street a complete stranger walking the other way suddenly punched me very hard on the arm. ‘Why did you do that? He just grunted and stomped off.

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