Points of order


I blog in an entirely personal capacity and all views, opinions and experiences are exclusively my own.  Nothing in this blog is intended to be legal or medical (nor for that matter any other type of) advice.

It is not my intention to post content which is distressing or harmful. However, on occasion some readers may find my subject matter difficult or upsetting. If I think this may be the case I will try to include an alert at the start of the post, but you should read with caution nevertheless.

You should also be aware that I use the f word liberally, often in place of punctuation. I make no apology for this. If swearing isn’t your thing, you’ll probably want to give my blog a wide berth….


I make no claims as to the quality or veracity of any of the content that I link to, save to say that I found it useful, interesting, or both.


I  love it when people comment on my blog – it makes my day. That said, I’m not able to approve any comments which are offensive, hurtful, derogatory, discriminatory or in any way unlawful; and as this is my blog, I get to decide what is offensive, hurtful, derogatory, discriminatory, or potentially unlawful.


With the exception of my creative writing I’ve licensed my content under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share alike licence.

This means that UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED you are free to:

  • Copy and quote from my blog and
  • Adapt the content of my blog

Provided that you:

  • Attribute me, WeeGee as the original author and
  • Do not use my content for commercial gain

Notice and take down

I take copyright pretty seriously and will never knowingly infringe upon the copyright of another person. However, if you feel anything in my blog does infringe your copyright, please get in touch using the contact form and I’ll remove the content until we sort things out.

My privacy

I don’t use my real name when writing, although I understand that it may be possible to work it out from some of the content I link to. Please respect my decision to use this blog as a private, anonymous space and leave my real name out of it.

Your privacy

If you decide to contact me directly and provide an email address or any other information about you, the only thing I will use your information for is to respond to your message.

If you use the ‘subscribe’ option, WordPress will collect your email address and use it to deliver my posts directly to your inbox and WordPress Reader. The WordPress privacy policy is published here.

Please be aware that notwithstanding the above I write in an entirely private/personal capacity and this means I am not subject to the provisions of the GDPR in relation to this blog. 


3 thoughts on “Points of order

  1. I’ve been reading your story – I know how scary and awful all of this is – you are doing so amazingly well – sending you lots of love x

    1. Hey there you! I’ve also been following your story here on wordpress although I must confess, I’m a bit behind on my reading of late. Things just got a bit much and I stepped back, I guess. I’m home, recovering after surgery and feeling pretty philosophical right now. I hope you’re doing well too. Thanks for the love – I’m sending loads back at you too xxx

      1. I hope the surgery went well and you are recovering well. Its very hard to strike the balance of not letting cancer and the treatment define / beat you and making sure you take care of yourself… something i struggle with all the time

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