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Walking the fine line

Since last I wrote I have mostly been being angry. I don’t know why I’ve been being angry; it was just one of those feelings that came along without warning and made a nuisance of itself for a few days.

Anger is probably my least favourite of all the feelings because I don’t know what to do with it – it just sits there in my chest and throbs against my rib cage and makes me wish there was a way to smash the whole world up because, for example, there is an annoying person on Bargain Hunt and I CAN’T COPE with how ANGRY it’s making me….

Apart from being furiously angry with nothing and no-one in particular, all is well here in WeeGee land. I suppose I’m feeling a little more solitary than usual but I think that’s okay because sometimes I need to spend time alone with my thoughts and I can do that without coming over all bonkers.

To be honest, I feel like I’m learning a lot about the fine line between a symptom of poor mental health and a character trait that is perfectly ‘normal’ if not universally popular recently. As soon as my mood, or my feelings or my behaviour veer slightly from the antidepressant fuelled middle ground there’s a tendency towards panic because what if WeeGee is going off her rocker again? Thing is, I’m not going off my rocker – I’m just feeling angry and a bit anti social and before you ask YES I AM STILL TAKING MY MEDS.

Meanwhile in other news I’m on the hunt for my next box set obsession if anyone has any ideas? It’ll have to be a REALLY good one because the last one was quite possibly my biggest obsession yet. Nothing else to report save that the Great Richmond Court Recycling Controversy of 2015 is really starting to hot up and I might even be forced to WRITE TO THE COUNCIL about it….. Anyhooo, here’s a wee song for old times sake:

Hope you’re all super-duper great.

Love you lots like jelly tots,

WeeGee xoxox


5 thoughts on “Walking the fine line

  1. You know how I define if it’s mental health related or personality/self related?
    Working hard. If I’m feeling angry I play video games, and it makes me feel better. If I’m ill, it does not make me feel better it just adds to it and it ends up building up into some sort of anger volcano which eventually erupts all horribly. Also, I can generally find out the reason for it. I feel angry because, the world sucks, or someone upset me, hormones etc etc, Same can be said about any of my symptoms.

    1. I’ve reached a point where I just know, until I’m too ill to know and then I need the people in my life to tell me. It’s a difficult line to walk.

      1. I still need people to tell me to shut up when I have agitated symptoms, like anger or stress, I tend to go off on one and don’t notice, I react then think later, until I read my Facebook back and feel ashamed that I didn’t keep my stupid mouth shut. Lol.

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