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No-one knows

I think it’s safe to say that I’m one of life’s natural born worriers: worrying is what I do, and, when I come to think about it, I do it pretty well. Perhaps I ought to call it a skill because, you know, it’s nice to have a skill.

For me, worrying is deep rooted. I’ve always done it, and therefore worrying has kind of become who I am. I can’t imagine me without worrying because me without worrying doesn’t make any sense. There’s always something to worry about, and, as those who know me well enough have joked in the past, I’m not happy unless I’m worrying about something.

In my mind, I don’t think worry makes me happy. Then again I know that making plans, and writing lists, and getting things organised makes the worry go away and, when the worry goes away I’m pretty much happy. I’m led to believe that ‘happy’ is what I’m searching for.

It sounds a bit like happily ever after doesn’t it?

Here’s a song

Love you lots, and all that stuff xxx




6 thoughts on “No-one knows

  1. I so hear you about worrying, and you’re right, it does become almost ingrained. Its one of my least favourite traits and something, that no matter how hard I try I cannot stop…..ffs!

    1. It isn’t much fun is it. Then again, sometimes it’s useful to have a worrier around – we’re usually prepared for every possible scenario…. xoxox

  2. Lists and organization are AWESOME! And yes, they lessen the worry and the noise in the brain and they let us go on with our lives and be happy. Happy is where it’s at.

    1. That’s exactly it isn’t it? The lists and the organisation are there to help us get on with our lives… Long may the lists and organisation continue! Xxx

  3. I come by my worrying honestly and genetically, so I can relate. Mom, grandfather, great-grandmother (I’m told). Only none of their worry ever crossed over into being clinical anxiety disorder(s), as mine has. So when I can alleviate my worry by doing things like organizing and list-making — instead of panic attacks and pills — I actually get quite pleased, too.

    So weird as we may both be (okay, definitely me, I won’t make the same remark about you!), I can totally relate. 😉

    1. I’d never really thought about worrying being genetic, but you know? You might be on to something there…. I think my lists and hyper organisation are really just coping strategies. It’s nice to have them!

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