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An awesome little alien

I’m a bit late with my post tonight because I’ve been really busy being an awesome little alien and stuff like that.

As per my last post, today was The Future Day One which basically meant I had to a) do some things I’ve been putting off, b) face up to some problems I’ve been ignoring and c) get on with all that upwards and onwards, keep on keeping on stuff that I’ve gotten so good at in recent months. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been reminded that when I put my mind to it I can be determined and ever so slightly formidable which really does beg the question – why don’t I put my mind to it more often?

Apart from doing things, and facing up to stuff and keeping on keeping on I have mostly been thinking about social media because I am, after all, a geek and also because tonight was the first night in the AWESOME ‘building a brand using social media’ course that I signed up for at work. I’m already filled full of ideas and theories and thoughts and I can’t wait until next week to find out more.

Meanwhile in other news all is well in WeeGee land. Nothing else to report today save that have you heard this song? It’s AWESOME:

Lots of love and hugs and warm thoughts from WeeGee xoxoxo


13 thoughts on “An awesome little alien

  1. Good for you, we always knew you were AWESOME!! πŸ™‚ I’ve not heard the song before, but it’s quite catchy. I’ll have to check out the lyrics since I’m getting too old to understand what they’re saying. LOL! Hugs, awesome one!

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