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Decisions, decisions

I’m feeling a little bit bouncy and enthusiastic today – I don’t mind bouncy and enthusiastic but I’m not sure that Mr Clever would like it so I’ve decided not to make any decisions* today. That way I can be absolutely certain I’m not accidentally doing anything ‘reckless’. How’s that for a bit of insight?!

There was a small moment of panic in WeeGee land when I put on my (much loved) shiny red belt and realised that I had gone up a notch. My brain didn’t like that much and thought ‘Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fat.’ I let the thought swim around for a moment and then I grabbed hold of that nasty little thought and I strangled it to death. If one notch on a tiny belt is the price I pay for healthy skin and hair, or for those small curves that make my clothes hang better, or for being in the middle of green on the chart, or for a brain that isn’t trying to kill me – I’ll take the notch gladly thank you very much.

Anyway – back to the bouncy and enthusiastic. As I said, I really rather like it** because a)I get a lot done b)I get a lot planned and c)I’m tired at the end of the day which helps with my sleep. My sleeping is still a little topsy turvey but whenever I mention it to the professionals they tell me not to worry and that sleep is often one of the last things to come back. That makes sense to me so I’m not worrying which in itself is a major achievement because you know what it’s like when someone tells you not to worry***

Meanwhile in other news Gryff and I had a comedy start to the morning when he caught the BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE and seemed to get a bit upset when he realised he had killed it. Which made me laugh. What didn’t make me laugh was having to dispose of said huge spider and then realising IT WASN’T ACTUALLY DEAD as it scuttled up my arm – cue much flapping and squealing, a spider flying across the room and a slightly baffled cat. Nothing else to report today save that I am getting my hair cut later on**** and I’m not even dreading it a little bit.

Shortish one from me today on account of the fact it was a longish one yesterday and that I’m writing it in my lunch hour

See you later alligators

Lots of love WeeGee – champion spider flinger xxx




*The obvious exception being the decision not to make any decisions

**Apart from the bouncing off the walls kind of enthusiastic. Which has been known and isn’t much fun….

***In case you aren’t prone to a spot of worrying – it’s a bit like when someone says ‘don’t look now’ and you HAVE to look

****It just occurred to me that getting your hair cut involves quite a big decision. Please, please don’t let me do anything reckless with my hair!


13 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. “I’ve decided not to make any decisions today” – this made me giggle. I’m really glad you caught the thought about the belt, and you are able to see that it is not a problem – one tiny notch for all the benefits you described – no question! I really am so happy that you are feeling so much better these days, it’s really great to read positive posts. I hope the spider is gone now – I would’ve screamed the house down!! xx

    1. Aww thanks lovely – I like the all new WeeGee but I’ll be sticking around WordPress to dish out the hugs and words of encouragment to my lovely buddies. Hugs xx

      PS – The spider was safely released into the wild. I hope it wasn’t brain damaged because it did hit the wall quite hard!

  2. Go you for killing those unhealthy weight thoughts. It is really helpful to keep in mind all those reasons that you want to allow your body to be the size it wants to be. My main reason way back when was so that when I was hugging the babies in my life I wasn’t an uncomfy skin and bones! p.s. I don’t even have to wear a belt anymore. After years of needing one to keep my trousers up this is huge but I like it 🙂 xx

    1. That’s a really good reason actually – can I pinch it? I love hugs and agree it’s much nicer if you’re not all skin and bones. I only wear a belt for accessory purposes now which is really nice. xxx

      1. I don’t really mind creepy crawlies whether they are alive or dead. It’s just that if I think they’re dead I kinda prefer them to stay that way! In the whole affair I felt sorry for the spider who was tormented by a cat and then sent flying across the room without so much as a by your leave!


        PS – I’m not too fussy about grammar on my blog but if you’d written that anywhere else I’d have had my red pen out!


  3. I just came through a time where I knew it was not the time to make any decisions. Still before I knew it, I looked back over the time period and realized that indeed, I had made several reckless decisions without realizing it. Most of those decisions involved money too. I hope that your hair turns out perfect today sweety! 😉

    1. Here’s hoping for my hair! There have been times when I’ve had to leave my purse at home or destroy cards and stuff but I know I don’t need to do that today. Just take a little care, you know.

      Hope you’re well xx

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