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I feel like playing tag!

I felt like playing a game today so here are my answers to Madness42’s tag questions. Why not head over to her blog and give her a follow. She’s got a lovely little blog 🙂

1. What made you decide to blog?

I started writing after a particularly bad patch. I was looking for a focus – a project I could organise and manage, a way of keeping myself in the here and now and a change of emphasis in my thinking. I also wanted to share my story, if anyone was interested, and perhaps get some support along the way.

2. What have you done lately that made you go “YES!”

I’m doing the 10,000 steps challenge in aid of Mind at the moment which means I have to take at least 10,000 steps every day for six weeks. I’ve managed it every day so far (even on the proper mental days) so there has been a little ‘yes’ every day from the start of July in WeeGee land!

3. What’s your favourite social network, if you have one?

Well…. I suppose Twitter. It lends itself to pithy humour which I like. I can’t bear Facebook anymore. It really does make me despair of the human race most of the time. I can’t bring myself to delete my profile though!

4. What would you choose to have out of a) a cook b) a cleaner c) a nanny (for those with children!) You can choose more than one!

I’d have a cook. I’m a neat freak and the thought of anyone else tidying up my stuff makes me feel a bit sick! And I don’t have children so a nanny would be redundant unless it was to look after me!

5. If you could make a living doing something you love, what would it be?

Definitely writing. If I ever win the lottery I’m going to disappear to live on a Scottish Island and write to my heart’s content. (And with a few million in the bank I wouldn’t have to worry about actually making a living!)

6. Do you agree with the quote, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”?

I’m not sure that I do. I see the point and it’s a nice sentiment but I’m not very good at dealing with loss so it’s too painful for me to agree with.

7. What do you think about the “50 Shades” books? Doesn’t matter if you’ve read them or not!

The existence of the 50 shades books makes me feel disappointed and dismayed. I haven’t read any of them and never will. Life is too short to spend your time reading drivel and nonsense, especially when you think of all the brilliant books you could be reading instead. That’s just my view but I’m an English graduate and a self confessed literary snob!

8. Is having a clean & tidy house important to you?

VERY. If my flat is untidy (which it never really is – sometimes it’s just untidy by my standards and I’d probably still get away with having the vicar round for a brew) I get anxious and can’t concentrate. I need tidy surroundings to keep a tidy mind.

9. Spontaneity or planning?

Planning every time. My life is about lists, lists and more lists. There are lists of the lists!

10. Is there a cause close to your heart? For example, I support the National Autistic Society and their campaigns to make life better for people on the autistic spectrum and to raise awareness of autism.

Justice is something that I believe in above all other things which puts civil liberties fairly high up my list of causes. I’m a member of both Liberty and Amnesty and I write a lot of letters and generally make a pest of myself….

11. What newspaper do you read, if any?

It’s a long time since I bought a hard copy newspaper – I read the Independent, Guardian and Times online. I have never read the Sun and only ever buy it if I’m moving house and needs something to wrap my valuables in (page three goes in the bin!). Told you I was a snob!

Lots of love from WeeGee xx


8 thoughts on “I feel like playing tag!

  1. Im doing the 10,000 steps at work at the moment. My first three days consisted of being in bed with the flu, so not many steps! And I am surprised I even remembered to put it on today. Good job on doing all your steps so far. Kat 🙂

  2. We share the writing dream; a cottage on the Shetlands would suit me just fine if I knew I could afford to stockpile essentials when the weather is awful. The idea of sitting in a cottage on a heath, burning a real wood fire and writing with the gusts of wind and rain pounding at the windows… heaven. If I win (unlikely, since I rarely play the lottery!) I’ll save some space for you. Perhaps a little cottage of your own.

    1. Wouldn’t it just be beautiful – all that peace and quiet and space. I wouldn’t even mind the bad weather – I think it would be good fun to be truly at the mercy of the elements.

      I play the lottery twice a week so I’m going to have to win someday, surely?! When I do, you’ll be very welcome to come join me 🙂

  3. Hmm – that’s nice to know. That’s why I like these questions because you get to know people better 🙂

    Mess is not something I can tolerate. Ever! It’s not always a bad thing though – my friends seem to like the fact that their places are always tidier when I leave than when I arrived!!

  4. Thank you for your kind words on my blog weegee, what great answers 🙂 You know I think we’d get on quite well, though probably not well enough to live together, my mess would drive you insane(r) lol 😉

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