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Take that, broken brain (Hold on: the sequel)

I was really touched by the comments my lovely WordPress friends left on my last post, Hold On. As always, you proved yourselves to be a thoughtful, kind and very wise bunch and the comments certainly gave me a little lift when I read them at lunchtime during ‘one of those days’.

What really struck me was how, no matter what goes on in our heads, we always seem to find something to hold on to. I think it’s amazing that we find different ways of just keeping on doing it day after day, especially when you consider all of the horror we face.

Anyway, I got to thinking about all the brilliant people I’ve met on WordPress all of the brilliant things they do – raise families, hold down jobs, study, write blogs and so much more. Most of it must seem pretty ordinary to a ‘normal’ person who can do all kinds of ordinary things without having to do battle with themselves first. In my book, that makes the fact that mental people do ordinary things in spite of being mental pretty extraordinary and, for that, I wanted to give anybody who wanted one a big friendly pat on the back:

As for me and what I’m holding on to? I think I’ve worked it out. I’m holding on to the fact that one day all of this will be better and I’m very determined that I’m going to be around to enjoy it when it is. So: take that, broken brain.

Ta ta for now, WeeGee xxx


12 thoughts on “Take that, broken brain (Hold on: the sequel)

  1. Can I give you a big friendly pat on the back too for being awesome and fighting through these hard times? WP wouldn’t be the same without WeeGee around x

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