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Nasty little brain

Does anybody happen to know where I can find the ‘broken brain complaints department’? I think I’ve had more than my fair share of broken brain now and I’ve decided it’s about time I started kicking up a stink about it. I tried complaining to God, but it seems that broken brains are outside his/her/its jurisdiction. I guess that’s bureaucracy for you.

My broken brain has been giving me a pretty hard time of late. First of all it went all flat and empty and then it decided it COULDN’T COPE with being flat and empty for ANOTHER SECOND and tried to explode. Then it didn’t care about anything anymore and went into hiding before deciding it was going to do everything in it’s power to murder me. As if all that wasn’t bad enough when my nasty little brain discovered that I wasn’t going to let it kill me (because I’m quite strong for a wee thing) it filled itself up with spite and hatred with a little rage thrown in for good measure. Jolly good show broken brain.

Anyway, I’m far too full of spite, hatred and rage to do much today (including write a proper post) so I’m going to ignore myself for a little while. It’s Breaking Bad* box sets for WeeGee until my brain starts behaving itself or until I’ve watched theΒ  lot (whichever comes first).

Love from and angry little WeeGee xx


*Of course, after five episodes I’ve already developed a strong emotional attachment to Jesse because he’s a) beautiful and b) a bit vulnerable


18 thoughts on “Nasty little brain

    1. …. If it isn’t super brain day there’s plent more Breaking Bad (although I just did season one in two days which beats my Dexter record!)

  1. I have been years looking for the broken brain complaint department without much luck. If you should run across it do share. I hope you feel better soon. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m hiding from the blog world today too…. into united states of tara world…. too ill to do anything else >.< hope you feel better soon x

      1. Thanks sailor πŸ™‚ I don’t do physical illness very well cause of the emetophobia so am very spun out at the mo. Thanks though for noticing my absense πŸ™‚ x

  3. I LOVE JESSE. For entirely the same reasons. Sigh.
    I tried phoning the complaints department, but they put me in a queue, and said my call will be answered when someone bothers to care. Lol.
    Sorry you’re feeling that way lovely, take care. x

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