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Tired of London, tired of life

Hmm. In attempt not to do a flaky I am writing a post. Hey – I’m not promising great things.

I’m back in London after a super duper weekend away. I can’t help but wonder what on earth I’m doing back in London, since I only ever came here accidentally and the ‘accident’ that brought me here is long since over and done with. Samuel Johnson said ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’. Apart from the being a man bit, I think I might agree: I am in London. I am tired of life.

I’ve had a weekend full of people – and not just people, but people who care and people who know me (Mr Wise teased me mercilessly because of the jitters, which is good, because it actually is very funny) and now I’m home to a flat full of nothing and nobody to care*

Maybe I’m just lonely.

Maybe I need my bed.

Maybe though, I need to go home. Wherever the hell home is?

……I knew it would be a strange post.


*Cue the violins


5 thoughts on “Tired of London, tired of life

  1. It seems to me you need your good friends around you- the ones that make you feel accepted, that uplift you, I don’t believe that quote of if you’re tired of london you’re tired of life. I think London can make you tired of life. If you don’t have family here why not go back to where you were at the weekend; even for a long break…
    i haven’t been on this blog much and couldn’t be bothered to do all that nomination writing- is it still going? cause i want to nominate you for sure.


    1. The strange thing, the strangest of all maybe, is that in the US (or at least the part I’m from), “twat” is a slang term commonly used in reference to a vagina.

      And following the use of the term “twat” in this comment, I’m vaguely disoriented by vagina becoming synonymous with miserable.

      Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world.


  2. Someone at work told me today they thought it was raining twat juice, which turns everyone into twats. I don’t think it’s the twat juice, I think everyone is just miserable of everything and it’s making them strange and intollerable. The blogosphere proves this by being full of weird posts today. Everyone feels a bit off-ish. Maybe it is something in the rain? Maybe you are just lonely after a good weekend? Who knows.
    Over and out.
    Sailor xox

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